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Stuttering after patch

JariNuoramoJariNuoramo Posts: 5
Hi guys

After todays patch i'm having massive stuttering. FPS meter shows 90 all the time, but it's definitely not 90
Feels more like 30-40 and it's impossible to drive iracing.

Does anybody have or had similar issues with stuttering while fps stays at 90??

Thank you in advance


  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 24,058 Oculus Staff
    Have you tried different games besides iracing? Does the stutter happen in Oculus Home?
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  • JariNuoramoJariNuoramo Posts: 5
    No i havent. I had dirt rally installed, but its not installed in my oculus home for some reason. Havent got time to download this 40gb again.. 
    Stuttering is not happening in oculus home, at least i can't see it. But it is very noticeable in corners in iracing. Before this patch i had no problems with iracing, and it is only thing what changed at that date.
    Some people call this micro stuttering i guess?

    I have 6700k, gtx1080, win10
    super and prefetch disabled
    hyperthreading disabled
    tested 3 different nvidia drivers with clean install

  • RedRizlaRedRizla Posts: 3,730 Poster of the Week
    Try running the Oculus setup again that's what I usually do..
  • JariNuoramoJariNuoramo Posts: 5
    Did that too. No help 
  • MrFraggleMrFraggle Posts: 39
    I have major stuttering as soon as I get to the Oculus library, tried everything in fact I am getting bored with the whole thing and have yet to play a game apart from Robo recall briefly the other day. Thinking of selling it on.
  • JariNuoramoJariNuoramo Posts: 5
    Is it possible to rollback oculus app to "pre certificate patch" version? I wan't to try if it helps...
    I have now tried all tricks i found, but nothing helps. This computer is used only for iracing, and it is completely useless now.
  • YoLolo69YoLolo69 Posts: 878
    edited March 19
    Did you try to check iRacing forums or reach its devs support team? The patch was to fix a certificat expiration, I don't see how it could lead to the problem you see, so that's come from elsewhere for sure...

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  • JariNuoramoJariNuoramo Posts: 5
    Yes i did write and search iracing forums too. Several people reported same after this patch, and i havent yet seen any solutions..
    I know what the patch was, yet immediatelly after installation my stuttering problem started. 
  • stevemannnstevemannn Posts: 8
    i also have this problem in assetto corsa. the only thing that fixes it, is if i alt tab.
    i am trying all sorts of things. i will let you know if i find a fix, and please let me know as well.
    this has been a month long battle. i even bought a new video card.
    so it is not your video card or drivers if thats what you are thinking.

    i went from a gtx 970 to an AMD rx580.

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