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Games will not install

XJ373XEXJ373XE Posts: 7
I have seen numerous threads on this exact problem with ZERO help or answers.  I cant only get games to install after trying to install them, over a number of days including a number of restarts.  

I am on a FRESH INSTALL of Windows 10. I have tried:
-Starting Oculus in Admin mode
-Changing the directory of Oculus Games
-Deleting the downloaded files, forcing Oculus to re-download the install files
-Fresh installed the Oculus Software
-Fresh installed Windows 10
-turned all privacy settings off in Windows 10
-turned off firewall

I am NOT behind any sort of VPN. Yes, I have admin privileges. All Steam games install just fine.  When games finally do install, it is just random luck.  Oculus staff, please help.  I am clearly not the only person dealing with this.  We are not all idiots, so don't just tell us to "fresh install" or whatever..  The problem is very clearly your platform. Please advise.


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