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How to Move Oculus Games to New Hard Drive on New Computer?

TheLoneGunmanTheLoneGunman Posts: 4
Hi, I have built a new computer and want to move my Oculus games from the old computer's hard drive to the new hard drive on the new computer.  I have searched online and see that you can move the games to a new hard drive by "link"ing them to the old hard drive.  However, I don't want to "link" them to the old hard drive at all as it is an entirely new computer.  I don't want to re-download everything as it is over 100gb of games.  I also don't want to lose my saved games / game progress.  Can someone please tell me how to do this? Thanks.


  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    edited March 2018
    See here:
    However, you'll still need to manually backup saved game files.

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  • TheLoneGunmanTheLoneGunman Posts: 4
    How do I backup the saved games? Where are they stored? Thanks.
  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    Each game may store in a slightly different location. However, most of them will be in your Windows user folder (C:/Windows/Users/YourName) most commonly in Documents or AppData (somewhere). A few games also support cloud saves, but many do not.
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  • LZoltowskiLZoltowski Posts: 6,774 Volunteer Moderator
    Yup what Cyber said, just do a search on your drive for the name of the game and see what pops up, for Example, Lone Echo does it a bit different and stores the save in: Oculus\Software\Software\ready-at-dawn-lone-echo\_local  for me.
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  • Mach13-13Mach13-13 Posts: 1
    I found out to my cost yesterday that the 'moving' option in rift doesn't always move the saved game files (although it had done until now) so I when I moved Lone Echo to another drive I inadvertently lost all the game saves (having just completed the game just the day previously) Arghh :(

    I tried checking the original location for the files but they were gone!  So... i'm having to start over.  Lesson learnt!

    That said I don't mind so much as Lone Echo is an epic experience and i'd planned to go through it again but taking my time to look around more and complete those secondary missions.. Just hadn't quite figured on doing that quite so quickly.

    Solution for now...
    I have a separate back-up software option that comes with my AV (Norton) so i'm going to setup a special Oculus Game Saves back-up profile and add all of those pesky files on each game that I play  where losing progress would mean real tears.

    There ought to be a warning on the moving files screen re game saves... and if there is one it needs to be MUCH BIGGERER..
  • JcTrickYJcTrickY Posts: 2
    Save happen to me i moove the game location and i loose all my progression....
  • morsifymorsify Posts: 32
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    edited January 14
    Google VRBackupper - it's a free tool for backiing up/restoring Oculus Rift and its games, apps, etc. It can also move your Oculus Rift installation directory to another drive.

    I used this little app a couple of weeks ago to move my Oculus install onto another drive and it worked well. I didn't lose any saves either (though I only had a few Oculus games - most of mine are Steam games, which also has it's own 'move location' option).
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