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Battery drain sometimes, sometimes not.

lucifronlucifron Posts: 6
I've had serious battery drain issues so i decided to be as accurate as could. Playing the same game (dragon front) on the same exact level in conquest, i played from 3:21 to 6:45 reacing 23% (3 hours 24mins and still had 23% left).

I had cleared all other apps from running, kept the charger on, and attached an ice pack to not overheat (temp did not ecceed 55).

I tried again after, same process, restarting and clearing all other apps. Battery drained in less than half the time (same game, same everything).

Was trying again now, just charged it to 100%, restarted it, and right after restart it is now 70?

I don;t understand these inconsistencies. And when the battery drains so fast, there is no program standing out, other than just oculus.

Temperatures NEVER reach high enough to get the message ''device is too warm'' because i cool it down with appropriate packs and swap them when necessary (temp usually 35-50)


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