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Cannot kill Oculus home & Rift will not stay off. Automation problem.

Narcoleptic_RageNarcoleptic_Rage Posts: 8
edited December 2018 in Support
I can't stop Oculus home from starting. Every time I close it, it just starts up again & the only way I can stop it is to physically remove the hardware from the machine. The lighting is low in the games room as the only source is from the TV as the room is mostly for entertainment & gaming. I followed instructions on a forum to kill the auto start but it killed the rift entirely with an error message stating "can't reach oculus runtime service". I installed the patch, the auto start bug is reborn. Then there is the issue of the rift connecting, disconnecting, connecting, disconnecting, connecting, disconnecting, connecting & disconnecting until I reboot the system or until something crashes & the rift stops working.
Most of my problems appears to be purely software based. I have tried switching with a brand new backup cable that I have that runs from the PC to the rift but it yielded the same problems. These issues can be particularly dire when I am playing a high end, non-VR game because the system can totally freeze up & a hard reboot is required due to system resolution, audio & monitor changes which shift system resources while mid game.

There is also a new problem with Firefox's new VR support randomly firing up both the Steam VR & Rift launchers, even when unplugged but I have stopped that through Firefox's about:config settings & disabling the VR support but it did take me a while to learn how to do it from a Reddit page.
If the rift was fully integrated into Windows as a second screen it wouldn't be so much of an issue, it would probably be reduced to being more of an annoyance with the home screen popping up.
An option to move the launcher to the system tray would be nice too since some of the functions are rendered redundant by the fact that you need to use the headset anyway. An option to start the launcher without the need to fire up the hardware might be useful too for instances where I am just looking for stuff to purchase and/or download & have no need to use the headset at all for these situations so the headset is usually sitting on a table which would probably lead to burn-in if left too long.

Giving users a bit more control of how & when the hardware turns on or off would be a huge improvement. Computers can be very stupid when you give them too much control & automation, especially when considering the diversity of hardware & software configurations, that's usually why most decent software has the options in the settings to tweak such features. It might be worth considering with a future update.


  • Narcoleptic_RageNarcoleptic_Rage Posts: 8
    I have discovered the Oculus Tray Tool. I is infinitely useful for fixing this problem.
  • kojackkojack Posts: 5,605 Volunteer Moderator
    Do you have something like VR Covers on your rift? It's possible (actually quite common for me) that the fabric cover hangs down slightly too far at the top/centre, which triggers the proximity sensor. This results in the rift staying on and home will restart whenever closed.

    Also check if the sensor is dirty, that might be triggering it.

  • Narcoleptic_RageNarcoleptic_Rage Posts: 8
    I think the issue is that the VR room is without windows & can be in almost complete darkness sometimes. That is where the Oculus Tray Tool comes in handy as I can stop the Oculus service with a couple clicks. As for the Firefox problem, it was an issue with Firefox itself. I have to go into the "about:config" settings & disable its VR capabilities since some sites were hyper aggressive with turning on the VR. If I used the Oculus Tray Tool to disable the Oculus services it would just keep trying to boot up the SteamVR instead, even when Steam wasn't running.

    That's pretty much all I wanted. An ability to shut down the VR services so I didn't have the software consistently annoying me at the most inconvenient of times. It was driving me up the wall.
  • ohgrantohgrant Posts: 188
    I had the same issues when the new Dash/Home first went live alpha. All the above, the home app restarting, losing connection. It was a USB issue for me and got it mostly sorted at first by using a powered USB 3 hub for just my headset and spreading the load of the 3 controllers over different USB controllers. That sorted it for the most part and those symptoms all went away. I then tried my Vive linkbox in place of the powered USB and got quite a boost in performance I wasn't expecting.
      I am definitely an advocate of having more control of the software, but in hindsight, If I did have more control at the time, I probably wouldn't have bothered troubleshooting the real issue and would be left with the perception that Oculus software just doesn't work properly. 
     I'm pretty confident that your issue is USB related and if you are able to get that sorted, you will not only stop all the issues you have, you will probably get quite a boost in performance.  
  • kojackkojack Posts: 5,605 Volunteer Moderator
    I think the issue is that the VR room is without windows & can be in almost complete darkness sometimes.
    A dark room should actually help it.
    The proximity sensor is a little pulsing IR light with a sensor next to it. When the headset is worn, the IR light bounces off your forehead and lights up the sensor. When not worn, the sensor sees nothing.
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