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Samsung Phonecast VR and Vudu

tobiasj42tobiasj42 Posts: 1
I have been searching all morning and I can't find a reason behind Vudu, which is listed as a compatible app (still) in Samsung Phonecast VR and it not working. You can browse, buy, rent, and view your media, but when you go to play anything (other than a commercial on free with commercials media) you get sound and a black screen. Does anyone have any information or a solution to this?


  • wally.myettewally.myette Posts: 1
    I got the run around on this until I wrote a nasty review on how they ask you to contact them and they never respond. They basically said they were working on it. I don't believe them 
  • ronnysharmaronnysharma Posts: 1
    The Samsung VR app was working smooth on my Note 8 when on Android 7.1. However upon updating to Android 8.0 now as I will open the app it only load a blank screen on startup and crash itself. Any help?
  • dmanndmann Posts: 10
    edited April 2018
    Blank screen here. I have alot of vudu movies I would like to download one if I go on a long trip and have no internet access.
  • patrick.verstpatrick.verst Posts: 1
    Just bought Gear VR specifically for watching movies on Vudu and TV on YouTube TV with my Galaxy S8+. Both apps (Vudu and Youtube TV) are having this problem. Yes, I'm also using Phonecast VR. 
  • pezzodipanepezzodipane Posts: 2
    phonecast vr almost brick my S9+.
  • sameeoozysameeoozy Posts: 1
    Recently bought Samsung S8 and the VR was working fine until the app update. Now i am contacting the support and discussing about the solution.
  • storms20storms20 Posts: 2
    I'm having the same exact problem. Black screen, but everything else is functional, including sound. This really sucks. I was hoping to find an answer here.
  • ElectricGypsy72ElectricGypsy72 Posts: 3
    I can't find any answer on this for my new Gear VR and Galaxy S8. Is anyone else still having this issue?
  • andrecarioniandrecarioni Posts: 3
    i need help with phonecast too, can anyone help?????????????
  • fred.white.125760fred.white.125760 Posts: 2
    I am experiencing the blank screen issue while trying to watch my movies on VUDU. If they haven't fixed it in the last 3 years, they don't intend to. Start leaving comments on all you tube reviews of Oculus products to warn others of your experience.  Let potential buyers know what they can expect after they have spent their hard earned money on a product made by a company that will not fix their products.
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