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OculusVR official Footage for Website etc.

suppenhuhnsuppenhuhn Posts: 33
Brain Burst
edited April 2014 in Oculus Share

Are there any official Pictures or Footage to use on a Website or a Blog, when writing about the OculusVR ?

greetings from bavaria


  • ftarnogolftarnogol Posts: 139
    Hiro Protagonist
    I'd get in touch with dev relations staff or Joseph Chen.

    They are all very responsive.
  • WhelanWebWhelanWeb Posts: 584
    Find the released videos on youtube and use
    Got a game in development or a cool piece of VR tech you want to show off? We are looking for demos, trailers and all things VR. Just send us a mail and we would be more than happy to feature it on our site.
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