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Oculus Rift Program Doesn't Work???

aaronorreoaaronorreo Posts: 1
I recently tried to uninstall and reinstall my oculus rift program, however whenever I try to re download the program, at the very end, it says "sorry, something went wrong, please try restarting your computer. Which I have tried multiple times, any suggestions? Thanks!


  • MAC_MAN86MAC_MAN86 Posts: 1,455
    edited March 2018
    Did you properly flush out the old files by starting PC without HMD before starting again?
    Checked OVR Server64 file is stopped plus all other Oculus files and deleted all folders after uninstall?
    Use Right-Click RUN AS ADMIN to install Runtime and Firewall & AV=OFF?
    If it's an issue with the new Installer due to cpu then you could use my method for my Xeon Quads using Runtime before SSE4.2
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