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rift and other vr sets

redzdogzredzdogz Posts: 1
i want to no is this really worth the money? do you really feel like you have been taken to another world while you play games and can you watch movies the same way? iv been wanting to get one since they first started VR a thew years ago but i thought i would wait till they had something special out. but now im not even sure if i should bother it all seems just a gimmic to make money. iv watched alot of youtube vids on them and they all show them working in wide open spaces with a green backround but never really as a home user, i also no that alot of people enjoy these but is it really worth it? am i going to buy one now and in a years time be outdated with something that really will blow my mind and take me away?! 
So my main question is are they as good as they look for games and can i watch vr films? 


  • dburnedburne Posts: 2,983 Valuable Player
    IMHO they are even better than they look.

    Got my Rift in Jan of 2017, have not done any gaming on my 2d monitor since.

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  • BrokenSymmetryBrokenSymmetry Posts: 250
    Nexus 6
    edited April 2018
    I just had my first ever solo run in Onward. It was FXXKING AWESOME. Hands down the best shooter ever!

    Personally I also enjoy horror games (to certain extent. But I hate jump scares.). I like flight simulation, too, and I have a number of modules in DCS World. And I enjoy great stories with action element.

    There are a few high quality VR games in each of the genres that I have mentioned. The immersion in these games can truly make your jaw drop. So, for me, so far, money spent on VR is well worth it.

    The latest news says that Oculus us funding a few big budget (hopefully native VR, instead of ported) games, which imo is the right direction. (Prematurely pushing out new hardware is the wrong direction by the by.) So I remain hopeful for the future of Rift.

    So maybe you should ask yourself what kind of games you enjoy the most, and are they available in the current lineup? If your answer is yes, then I am pretty sure it is worth your money.

    By the way, you can forget about VR films. Most of them are 360 videos, with low resolution and no percepted depth (no 3D effects). Except for porn, maybe. But there are a few games that are effectively VR movies. Invisible hours, for example.
  • SimonSays28SimonSays28 Posts: 578
    I got mine in January this year - I haven't used it everyday, and I still play flat games.

    But - I have easily put 300 hours into it - the games are awesome, and they do feel like you are transported to a different dimension.

    It is not 100% perfect - but it is amazing. I mean honestly - I would have bought it for Bigscreen alone, something about watching movies on in a fake theatre really just does it for me. I was watching A Futile and Stupid Gesture on Netflix last night in it - truly awesome.

    @BrokenSymmetry - I agree about the 360 vids, I mean there are few cool ones (Obama's White House was pretty friggin cool and high-res enough that it felt like he was in the same room as me), but it is the passive 3d games like Face Your Fears, Dear Angelica, etc. that really show what type of story based narrative is possible within the VR framework.

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  • snowdogsnowdog Posts: 7,217 Valuable Player
    It's worth every penny. I haven't played a flat game since and am unlikely to again.

    The best things about VR are:

    1) Sim games such as Elite Dangerous, War Thunder, DCS World, DiRT Rally, Project CARS and Assetto Corsa.

    2) Horror games such as Dreadhalls, Alien Isolation VR Mod, Doom BFG VR Mod, Narcosis, Monstrum, Exorcist The Legion, Paranormal Activity VR, Affected The Manor, Wilson's Heart and Face Your Fears

    3) Watching stuff on a bloody great big cinema screen in a virtual cinema. Especially great when watching the footy.

    4) The AAA quality games that Oculus/Facebook have funded and developed. Lucky's Tale, Robo Recall, Wilson's Heart, Lone Echo, The Mage's Tale, SuperHOT, From Other Suns, Killing Floor Incursion, Arkita.1, Technolust, Edge Of Nowhere, Dead & Buried and Chronos.

    5) VR Porn is amazing. Apparently. So a friend tells me.

    There'll probably be a new higher resolution headset from Oculus next year but at the price that the Rift is at the moment it's a great time to get one.
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  • SimonSays28SimonSays28 Posts: 578
    snowdog said:
    There'll probably be a new higher resolution headset from Oculus next year but at the price that the Rift is at the moment it's a great time to get one.
    And as far as resolution goes - and the Screen Door Effect is barely noticeable on the current CV1 (at least for me) - it kind of looks like scan lines and I really only notice them when I purposefully look for them. Watching movies/TV/Sports is awesome - I am not a big football watcher (both Football and Soccer), but I have watched the Bruins play a few times in the NHL Game Center package I get through my cable provider. So good - normally I use the home theatre setting as opposed to the cinema for this though.

    Also - I found a setting to turn off the little floating heads in the Cinema for BigScreen. They don't bother me to much - but a few times I got so lost in the horror movie I was watching (have watched all Insidious movies in VR now) that when I looked down and saw a moving head it gave me a slight panic, lol

    Don't think I could give up flat games completely though - I mean there has been a wealth of great open-world, immersive sim's, and shooters released in the last few years that I kind of feel spoiled when it comes to choices. I mean - I have lost at least 15 hours to Far Cry 5 in the last week or so.

    I will likely not upgrade to a higher res headset right away - and I think that at the current price (and if a price drop does happen) the CV1 is still both the best buy in option currently with it's affordable price and mostly complete package (I do plan on getting a 3rd sensor).
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  • DTHDTH Posts: 258
    Nexus 6
    The problem is when Watching any video you do not feel you are there.  Try to find a demo at a store.  Where I live they opened up a game room with three or four set up where you can rent for an hour or so.  I love mine.  But to understand VR you have to be on a plane have someone try to kill you and so much more because you will also feel it.  I still hate rollercoasters in real life and VR and I have three.
  • JonJonXDJonJonXD Posts: 87
    Hiro Protagonist
    I finally took the plunge back in February, and honestly, VR is the first true innovation in gaming in a long time.

    I have always been interested in VR, but I never had the PC to power it.

    Now that I do, I have been having a great time.

    If you have never used VR, I highly recommend going to a local Microsoft Store or Best Buy that has demo stations with the Vive and Rift setup. It's something that you really need to experience for yourself. This is what ultimately made me choose the Rift, as the Touch Controllers are infinitely better than the wands that the HTC Vive uses. It's far more immersive. I also found that the Rift had the best quality screen of the 3 main headsets (Vive, Rift, and PSVR).

    As for waiting for the next thing, if the Vive Pro and Windows Mixed Reality headsets are showing us, the tracking mechanics are essentially here to stay. Based on the current pricing of the 3 main solutions, along with the mountain of great software, I feel that now is the best time to jump in.
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