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Oculus Headset HDMI Not Recoganizing

harry_s_kaneharry_s_kane Posts: 2
So I was trying to fix the microphone on my oculus rift because for some reason it wouldn't let me turn it on within the oculus settings, and wile doing so I decided to try and unplug and plug back in the headset.  when I plugged back in the headset in no longer was recognizing that the headset was plugged into the HDMI port.  I tried restarting my computer, checking for an update for oculus, and unplugging and plugging it back in again.  If anyone can suggest for what I can do to fix this it would be much appreciated.  And before anyone suggests it, I do have it plugged into the proper HDMI port.  I have been going through fixes on my oculus for two days since I finally updated to windows 10 and this is the first problem I cant seem to fix.  Am I experiencing all these problems because of windows 10?  I made sure I updated every driver I know how to and updated every bit of software I could.  
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