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Oculus games wont install or download in Home *FIX

Ibsn87Ibsn87 Posts: 19
Brain Burst

I'm writing this to hopefully help a few people. Periodically I purchase software or games on Oculus home. And when I click download nothing happens (insert rage). previously I have reinstalled Oculus home which is a TOTAL PITA and misleading advice (This also means deleting EVERY download in home)...

According to reddit, many people have experienced the same issue. I cant reply on that post as its locked.

I have an Asus motherboard that fails to keep the correct time. Its close, but always a few hours out. After purchase of the game it must cause a permission conflict if your clock is misaligned with the server...

Close Oculus home completely. Right click on the time in the bottom right of windows 10. "Adjust date and time", and then cycle the "set time automatically" button.

Re-open oculus home and try again. The download will start. 

Hope this helps!

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