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[Solved] Oculus install error "Restart Computer"

ssDanissssDaniss Posts: 4
edited April 2018 in Support
Hello, i have a problem, i can't install oculus dirvers, i downloaded it from the page, but when it is installing it get an error, "Sorry, we encountered an error during installation. Please restart your ocmputer and try running Oculus Setup again. If you still experience issues, contact Oculus Supoport.

I tried to restart and install patch, but when i start the patch it says: "Already Uninstalled"


  • ssDanissssDaniss Posts: 4
    Solved, if anyone have this problem, i did this:

    1º Delete all oculus rift files.
    2º Stop all anti virus.
    3º Download again all files from oculus rift setup.

    Anti virus can detect some files from oculus as bad files.
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