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Oculus Client Issues and Reinstall

GeekyGamiGeekyGami Posts: 114
Alright, I really don't want to be the one to come and say this,

but I've had an incredible amount of issues with Oculus Client so far.
Here's a list of them, and why I'm making them a bigger issue than they seem to be:

-Games not installing, or simply not installing because they're trying to install third party components that seem to be waiting for a cue from the user that it never gets because the user never gets a prompt.

This is an issue, because I've actually seen people refunding games because they couldn't get them to install due to issues like these.
This is having an actual impact on sales, which is not good, if we're considering the long-term success of this platform.

-Oculus Updates not bloody installing, constantly saying that they're installing, to never actually install.
This is a minor issue, but the follow-up is why it's a bigger issue than it seems.

-Having to reinstall Oculus because of said issues, to attempt to fix said issue.
This is an issue, because upon reinstall or repair, you're prompted with a wonderful 4.5 gigabyte download. This takes about one to two hours on your average internet connection.
But wait, there's more to this than meets the eye.

-Upon attempt to repair Oculus, it fails to finish the installation.
This means that you have to do a lot of messing around. So far, of the two times I've had to reinstall or repair, I've had similar issues.

-Having to delete the fully downloaded download cache, which could potentially mean you don't have to redownload everything when it tries to reinstall itself,
because the download cache is apparently an issue of its own.
This means that you have to redownload 4.5 gigabytes again.

-Having to delete Oculus registry entries.
this means potentially losing all information Oculus stores, like your Guardian Boundary settings.
This means another half-hour to an hour of setting back up.

alright, those were a few related issues together.
Here's another issue I've had:
-My games are in the designated Oculus software folder, but Oculus sees them as not being installed.
Attempt to install, they can't finish installing.

-After using the OculusSetup download from the main site, due to the one in the Oculus folder not working properly,
all installed software have been completely wiped.
This means I have like, 35 gigs, if not potentially more, to redownload and install, all because I wanted to fix my games not being shown as installed.

For somebody with unlimited bandwidth, this is already excruciating.
This means waiting hours upon hours for everything to be fully installed, and not being able to play games from the Store during that time, because your downloads are then entirely stopped!

But then, for someone with limited bandwidth, this is excruciating, because you're almost guaranteed to go over your limit!

-The buttons for pausing, canceling, stopping downloads showing, but not being clickable.
-Not being able to change the order of updating programs in the library's queue.

Please, I just want all this hassle to be fixed! I can tell the goal of this system is for it to be as user friendly as possible, but this is more excruciating than any experience I've had with my computer in years!

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