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OVR Avatar with Unity

iceblu3710iceblu3710 Posts: 1
Some of the sample scenes act differently and I can't figure out why. I load the RemoteLoopback example and my viewpoint is on the floor, I change the OVRCamerRig to eye level and nothing changes. I pulled the OVRCameraRig out of the LocalAvatar and it still doesn't work. Contrast this with the basic LocalAvatar example that has the two prefabs separate and eye level works. I also followed the Avatar PDF and in that example, with the 2 prefabs separate you need the camera set to floor level to work.

If I want the player to be able to move around and the avatar to follow I would either put both prefabs into an empty object or use the OVRPlayerController but as soon as both prefabs are in another object the camera view is at the floor no matter the setting.

What is the proper player control config?
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