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Can I use Gear VR to view any app (not designed for VR) on my mobile phone?

Is there a way to configure the Gear VR so that I can view any app through the googles, especially those not designed for Gear VR? I'm interested to see if I can use the Gear VR goggles to view my Mavic drone, using the DGI Go 4 application.


  • Phoinx3DPhoinx3D Posts: 5
    Hi, David!

    I'm new to VR, but here is what I know so far: when you connect your phone to the GearVR, it launches automatically the Oculus app (because the Gear Service is monitoring in the background).

    So, for you to use apps outside the Oculus app, you will have to end Oculus (or more, the Gear Service). The only way I found to do it was using a service / package disabler app.
    It worked fine to keep Oculus closed.

    HOWEVER, to use your phone with the headset on, you would need to have the display set for that (split screen, accept input commands from Gear...).
    I don't know if that is possible - and if there is an app for managing it.

    I would like to read more about that from experts around here!

  • Phoinx3DPhoinx3D Posts: 5
    edited April 2018
    Just found this:
    Can I run standard Android apps with my Gear VR?
    If you have an S8, S8+, Note 8, S9 or an S9+, yes. You'll need Samsung's PhoneCast VR app which can display standard Android apps on a virtual cinema screen in VR.
    However, it seems it is limited to some compatible apps... Didn't try it very much.
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