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His do I find my pin?!?!

addison.fillingeraddison.fillinger Posts: 1
I want to put in my pin for my account, but i dont know what it is and how i can find it! I'm in need of help.


  • FieldOfVisionFieldOfVision Posts: 211 Oculus Start Member
    You won't be able to find it if you lost it.
    Reset it:

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  • biakazbiakaz Posts: 2
    This is for new users like me who had to create an FB account.  The best way to do this is:
    1. Go to the Oculus Store (make sure you are logged into OCULUS on your browser)
    2. Pick an item to purchase (you don't have to purchase the item) just have it selected so that the PIN field is there
    3. It will have an option next to the PIN field
    4. click on Forgot Pin
    5. Enter New PIN you want and enter your FB password
    6. If that worked, great! It it didn't (it didn't work for me) ...
    7. Log out of account on browser
    8. Go to google and look up "lost password" and go to this link: www DOT OCULUS DOTCOM /forgot-password/?locale=en_US 
    9. Go through that process with your FB account's email (has to be the email that is linked to FB login for Oculus)
    10 Open the lost password email
    11. Go through and setup that "oculus account password" (remember you don't have an oculus account login, you have an FB account)
    12. Log back into your OCULUS account with your FB LOGIN
    13. Go back to Step 1-5, but this time use the password you created (not your FB acount password, but your new Oculus Password)
    14. Worked for me!
  • user_362209339228635user_362209339228635 Posts: 1
    THANK YOU SO MUCH. I have been trying since last night to figure out how to solve this. I tried a service request and the Oculus person just copy-pasted what it says on the website about doing PIN reset.... You are a genius, and have made my day. Thank you thank you thank you.
  • ic3yiceic3yice Posts: 2
    Yeah I had recently got my oculus 2 and I had everything set up so I went to buy some games but it said I needed a pin so I went to create it and it was the previous pin and new pin log in and I pressed some random numbers in the previous pin box like a dummy bc I thought it would help and show me what to do. Boy was I wrong. I've been trying to figure out how to fix it until I found your comment. I haven't tried it yet but I will tomorrow. 
  • toribell610toribell610 Posts: 1
    I just went through this for our new Quest 2. The only way I figured it out was by going to (the website, not the app). Sign in to your oculus account. You'll see a drop box, click on it. Scroll down and click on Security. Youll see where it says pin, click edit. It'll have an option that says forgot pin. Click on that and it'll send a link to your email to choose a new pin without having to type in your old one. I did it all from my phone on the oculus website. Hope this helps, it worked for me. 
  • ic3yiceic3yice Posts: 2
    Hey! I fixed the issue the morning after I got it. Thanks for the help guys!
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