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Visuals Freezing Immediately.

NickyNavigatesNickyNavigates Posts: 2
Hello all,

     I am very new to the Rift specifically and VR in general. After about a week of owning my rift, It has begun freezing the visuals almost immediately in nearly every game I attempt to play. This happens regardless of the source of the game, Oculus store or Steam VR and the Steam VR home itself freezes. The audio, controllers and head tracking all continue to work, but the visuals do not update on the screens. The image simply freezes and then moves around awkwardly while I move my head. I can still hear the sound of the games, and additionally can hear the controllers interacting with menus or other game features as I point around. 

     If the game is a steam game, It freezes indefinitely until I manually shut it down. If it is from the Rift store, It normally crashes a minute or so after visually freezing and returns me to the rift home menu. All of this follows about of week of flawless performance of the Rift with the only significant change being the addition of a third sensor, which is plugged into a USB 2.0 rather than a 3.0. 

     I am lost as to what is causing this, and haven't been able to find any similar situations online.  I inspected all the cables going from the Rift to the computer and the cable itself as well as the ends, are in perfect condition. I've submitted a support ticket, but wanted to check here to, while I await a response from Oculus.




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