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Killing Floor Incursion Invites Not Showing Up

DragonikuzeDragonikuze Posts: 1

Late last night I booted up KF Incursion for the first time, went through the tutorial, played Holdout mode solo for a bit before trying to invite my friend who is right next to me in our computer room. After sending the invitation, there was no notifications at all either in game or on Oculus Home. We tried inviting each other, restarting the game and computers several times, reinstalling the new Oculus patch, setting up a 'party' on Oculus Home, and trying to use public matchmaking. We also tried getting the co op story mode to work but results were the same.

I've looked around and only found posts from last year complaining about this and subsequently having the issue resolved server side. Am I doing something wrong or is/was there something wrong with the servers last night? Help is greatly appreciated.

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