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RGBD Export - Depth Channel Has No Depth

daniellieskedaniellieske Posts: 8
Hey, I was very excited to read that the latest Quill update features image export with depth information. However, when I tried out this new functionality, it turned out that the depth information is not really depth information but just a simple background mask:
What I was expecting is real depth information, where each pixel has a greyscale value based on it's distance from the camera. Am I doing something wrong or am I expecting something that you didn't plan to do in the first place? Is the depth information supposed to be a simple background mask?


  • schevrelschevrel Posts: 54 Oculus Staff
    Hi, no the depth information is not a mask, but it is based on 1/z z being the distance in meters. So it is affected by scale. You should try resetting your camera transform (so the camera has no scale, in the transform toolbox). And then scaling your entire model up and down while taking some RGBD pictures until you find the sweet spot where you will have a lot of depth information.
  • daniellieskedaniellieske Posts: 8
    Hey schevrel, 

    thanks for your feedback! I was actually able to create a depth channel from a test scene in which I scaled the object just like you described. However, the whole process - with taking shots and checking them, then rescaling - is pretty cumbersome. Exporting to a 3D software and rendering the depth channel over there is more straightforward. Maybe you're able to adjust the functionality so that the depth range is automatically adjusted according to what the camera sees, so that the farthest object/pixel is always black and the nearest always white.
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