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Google Earth/Maps

DaegenlokDaegenlok Posts: 2

Is Google going to avoid the Oculus platform? No YouTube app which would be amazing instead of using a half solution for YouTube videos in the browser and no Google Earth.

I think Google Earth would be amazing in this and it doesn't require much in the way of resources. It can very easily be a point/click/zoom experience and would be one of the best and most fluid experiences to show others how it can be utilized. Traveling in it and standing on a street would be amazing.

From what I understand the Google Daydream thing kind of fell through. Google should get in on some amazing Oculus Go apps. Heck, imagine a Google VR Calendar or Google Photos VR app. The support from a company that can make great apps and make them for mobile platforms couldn't compete with their quality.


  • fish998fish998 Posts: 12
    Google Earth is on the Oculus store and there's a Steam VR version.  Maybe you're talkign about GO or something?
  • phillipbergman86phillipbergman86 Posts: 2
    Google Earth is only available for the Rift. Not available for Go or Gear VR. I wish they would bring it to the GO!
  • TomiresTomires Posts: 6
    > I think Google Earth would be amazing in this and it doesn't require much in the way of resources

    I don't know, there seems to be a significant amount of geometry in major cities. Keep in mind that Daydream does not offer the Earth app, but rather Street View VR. If Google Earth could run on mobile hardware, we would have seen it on their platform already.
  • voxelmaniamvoxelmaniam Posts: 128
    I am able to use maps in the browser. I used a link I sent to my gmail account.
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