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For people with driver issues running NVIDIA GPUs

GeekyGamiGeekyGami Posts: 116

I noticed an influx of people going all over the place talking about stuttering with drivers following the release of 384 for NVidia.

I might have found a solution.

So, to start off, I'm currently on 388.31, though I'm fairly certain these things may end up working in other versions as well.

Alright, so first thing's first:
You'll need Nvidia Profile Inspector.

So, one thing I noticed while using that program, was that there was some options under drop down menus that pertained specifically to OculusVR, mainly

  -Shim Rendering Mode Options per Application for Optimus (0x00800400)

  -0x809D5F60 (0xC0000000)

As a precaution I also disabled Ansel, put the rendering quality on OpenGL to high perf, put power management to Prefer Maximum Performance,
threaded optimization to On (though results don't seem to vary too much regardless) 

Note: This is for the OculusVR Runtime profile, pertaining specifically to OVRServer_x64.exe and OVRServer.exe

I also took note of the changes done to Unity3D's profile, and I apply those changes to the profiles of games or applications using Unity Engine.

Under the general profile, I also changed a lot of settings, as noted below V

-Sync and Refresh
  -Frame Rate Limiter: 90FPS
  -Frame Rate Limiter Mode: Limiter V2 - Force Off 
  -All GSYNC settings: Off/Disabled
  -Prefered Refresh Rate: Highest Available
  -Vertical Sync settings: Force Off (I apply those to games on a case to case basis.)

  -CUDA - Force P2 State: Off

  -Enable Overlay: Overlay_Support_On

And uh, yeah. Those are my current tweaked settings as is, profiles for SteamVR notwithstanding.

If anyone has other settings to tweak for maximum performance in VR, or things that I should not have touched (Like GSYNC, I know some people do use that)
feel free to post below.

this post is meant to be a place to generally help with settings that give the least issues possible.
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