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Installation error on set up

mginni15mginni15 Posts: 2
edited May 2018 in Support
I just got my rift today and downloaded the setup software, everything worked fine and downloaded the 5.05 GB file but when it began to install it, it continued to install for about 20 mins so then I closed the program and tried again and it downloaded the file again but this time it to restart and that there was an error while installing. All my specs for my PC are fine and above the recommended and I turned off all my antivirus programs and restarted my PC multiple times but it's still either telling me to restart or will go back into the install loop and I have to close the program. I've also tried installing after deleting the cash and files that were saved from previous unsuccessful attempts and tried without the deleted files but still gives me the same results. Any suggestions on what the problem can be?
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