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How to delete saved game data?

jeffrockholtjeffrockholt Posts: 2
My daughter bought an Oculus Go and is having a blast, (as am I). However, she is playing the Pet Lab game and is stuck. She wants to start over. How do we delete the saved game data? Maybe I’m missing something obvious here?

We tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game but her saved game data didn’t delete. I’ve looked in the settings of the device and on the phone app, but I don’t see how to completely delete the saved data for an app. I figure the last resort is a factory reset, but we don’t want all of her saved data deleted. 

Amy ideas?


  • FailrunnerFailrunner Posts: 187
    You may wanna contact the dev.
  • jeffrockholtjeffrockholt Posts: 2
    Yeah I’ve sent off a couple of messages, waiting to hear back. There has to be a way to delete an apps saved data, right? How would that not be built in?
  • glprsllglprsll Posts: 2
    Im have some problems like that but also i had a game just vanished off my unit i played it thursday night but when i went to play it Saturday it was gone and is no longer listed in the regular oculus app store but is listed under vr experiences, clicked to redownload the game got a messase saying it downloaded and i could now find it in my library checked library  and not there even checked the not installed section. went back to the vr experiences section and it tells me that i already have the game on my unit. contacted support he had me do a full factory reset but no game. other games i tried and got rid of are there but not "defense grid 2." and this game was just released for the vr headset according to the apps website
  • AnnoyedDragonAnnoyedDragon Posts: 28
    Brain Burst
    I tried the same when there was aspects of the tutorial I had forgotten, so I intended to go through it again. No luck of course, cannot find any instructions either. There is a point in the game were lots of training is involved, but it will only let you train once and I've forgotten how to get it to allow you to keep training. Thus far I've been reliant on potions to increase stats, but that drains money faster than you can make it.
  • Frank.LeistenFrank.Leisten Posts: 17
    I thought you uninstall it from you headset, which works. Then it still shows in the My Library. Can’t figure out though how to delete it from there. 
  • AnnoyedDragonAnnoyedDragon Posts: 28
    Brain Burst
    I'm actually really stuck in Pet Lab as a result of the above stated problem, if anyone knows how to continue training creatures beyond the first time I'd appreciate the knowledge ^_^; Otherwise I'll just run out of money having to use potions to skill up.
  • trayrb66trayrb66 Posts: 1
    You can only delete data after you pay $7.99
  • marcus.a.hungermarcus.a.hunger Posts: 1
    You can do it in the book in the game, I don't know how but it says you can on the pause menu
  • inspiredbylifeinspiredbylife Posts: 1
    Can I save my progress on Petlab, and then let my granddaughter start over to try the game?
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