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Rift Headphones Left Side going in and out

NordicForgeNordicForge Posts: 3
I am not sure if anyone else has had or been having headphone issues, but my left side headphone is going in and out of sound. I can flick it up twice to get it to come back some times, not hard but a soft flick. Not sure how to get to tech support to find out if its something that needs to be sent in for repair or not. Only had it for 5 months and it doesn't get a lot of daily use. Maybe couple times a week. 


  • LZoltowskiLZoltowski Posts: 6,776 Volunteer Moderator
    Hello! Sounds like this needs to be investigated by the Oculus tech team, please submit a  support ticket here:

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  • geebee666geebee666 Posts: 224
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    Search the  forum there are a lot of responses for this very common issue.

    First thing I would try is use the supplied screw driver to remove the ear piece (1 screw) and clean the copper contacts, mine has occurred a few times last time I cleaned with an ear bud and mentholated spirits and have had zero issues since. 

    Some times it is just the screw has worked loose and tightening the screw fixes it.
  • NordicForgeNordicForge Posts: 3
    Thank you both for your help guys. I will look into that geebee or put in a ticket.
  • NordicForgeNordicForge Posts: 3
    Tightening up the screw worked! HUZZAH! Thanks Gee
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