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Oculus CV1 runs smoothly then stutters until focus is returned

ubersaintubersaint Posts: 3
edited May 2018 in Support
The issue is when playing a game nearly 4 or 5 minutes into it. At that point the games fps drops to nearly unplayable state until i return to my computer and click away from the game and back. Doing this fixes the problem until it repeats again. Does anyone have an idea what might be doing this?


  • ubersaintubersaint Posts: 3
    Does anyone have any clues?
  • MAC_MAN86MAC_MAN86 Posts: 2,262
    Stop using GPU Overclock/Fan Monitor software. It eats up needed memory and especially when using any SS.
  • ubersaintubersaint Posts: 3
    Don't see how this effects my game play. As stated before if i click away from the game and return to it the issue disappears until later. Also not using either software for my gaming.
  • YoLolo69YoLolo69 Posts: 1,132
    Look like your GPU/CPU is overheating and went on throttle mode (lower frequency) to save your hardware before it fry. In other words, your hardware is pusched too hard. As said it could be due to overclocking, bad fan controls, bad refresh system, etc. That happen often on laptop but can also happen on desktop. Could be dirt cumulating for example, or fan out of order.

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