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android file transfer fails oculus go not showing up or prompting

hairycoconut25hairycoconut25 Posts: 2
 i followed your instructions exactly on downloading android file transfer to move files from my two of my macs ( macbook air and macbook pro) to the oculus go.

[To transfer photos and videos from your computer to your Oculus Go headset:

  1. Connect the included USB 2.0 cable to your computer and Oculus Go headset.
  2. Put on your headset and select to confirm you want to allow the computer access files on the headset, in VR.
  • On Windows, Oculus Go will automatically appear as a drive on your computer.
  • On Mac, you'll need to install Android File Transfer to successfully transfer files between your Oculus go and computer.
  • Click and drag files to and from your Oculus Go headset on your computer.]

  • Even after I plug in the usb from the Oculus to go my mac, the Android file transfer program says "no android device found. please connect your android device with a usb cable to get started." there is no prompt inside the headset that asks me to allow the connection. I also connected my oculus go to my PC running windows 10 and it doesn't show up either or ask for a prompt. Any recommendations? i tried this with two different oculus go and there is never a prompt inside the headset asking to allow the connection.  Developer mode is enabled via the oculus app.  my macbooks both run high sierra.

    Please help.  thanks.  


    • rogerawongrogerawong Posts: 9
      Are you using the USB cable that came with the Oculus Go, or are you using a different cable?  Some USB cables are only for charging and can't carry data. Or, sometimes they can damaged.

      Try a different cable.
    • hairycoconut25hairycoconut25 Posts: 2
      hi.  i am using the USB cable that came with my Oculus Go.  i also tried other USB cables and they didn't work either.  
    • FutureTronFutureTron Posts: 10
      hi.  i am using the USB cable that came with my Oculus Go.  i also tried other USB cables and they didn't work either.  
      Tried to side load a movie I bought from iTunes. After multiple attempts of unplugging/plugging/granting access, was able to copy-drag the 5GB movie file to the Movies folder on my Go in the Android File app. When I visit the Go’s Gallery, where I’m guessing the movie should be, it said I had nothing there. There was no confirmation screen or progress bar when I did the transfer. The file appeared too quickly in the Movies folder, even though I gave it plenty of time to transfer too. Perhaps it’s an iTunes DRM issue? In any event, it seems like more trouble than it’s worth. I’m either going to try with Plex (also seems like more work) or wait until Vudu or Movies Anywhere launches a native Go app. That’ll solve my problem if those platforms launch apps.  Haven’t tried Vudu in the web browser. Maybe that’ll work. I don’t know. 

    • peternrgpeternrg Posts: 17
      Did you get this working?   Android file transfer (on MacOS) worked until today: No Android device found.  Using same USB cable as before.   Is there any preset I have to reset?

    • YerbaBuenaVRYerbaBuenaVR Posts: 11
      edited May 2018
      We're facing this issue as well now. Maybe it was some sort of update that broke this? Observed en 3 different Win10 machines
    • YerbaBuenaVRYerbaBuenaVR Posts: 11
      Update from our end, inspired (although not quite following) by this other thread  ,we tried setting dev mode off and restart the Go, after reboot, file transfer was working again

      it seems like some sort of bug with the driver when the device is in dev mode
    • SamyannSamyann Posts: 14
      I’ve a 64 Go and have a Mac. The Android file transfer is fine. The unit is showing 17gb of space left. But, I cannot see how the unit has used so much space. Which directory contains the actual game files, so I know which ones are using all the space? Is there some setting to allow this view?
    • talkingdogtalkingdog Posts: 2
      We've experienced this problem as well. When dev mode is on you can't connect to Android File Transfer.  It's annoying to have to go back and forth between settings to do various testing.
    • chettawanchettawan Posts: 78
      Hiro Protagonist
      I plug OG to my Chromebook last night and can transfer file flawlessly.
    • hurriedvolehurriedvole Posts: 1

      Installing ADB on a Mac allowed me to use Android File Transfer in developer mode. With homebrew:

      brew install android-platform-tools
    • GadgetChannelGadgetChannel Posts: 9
      File transfer should still work when Developer Mode is enabled, but you need to activate it in a different way. You need to run the "adb devices" command from the Terminal to ensure that the adb daemon is running (and trust the computer for debugging from the Oculus Go if you haven't already). This actually has an advantage over enabling file transfer without Developer mode, as you can permanently trust a particular computer so you don't get a prompt every time you connect it.
    • TimeScienceTimeScience Posts: 17
      Also note that the Go has the annoying habit of turning off immediately as soon as you take it off, which seems to drop the USB connection. This is very confusing, because if you click ok to file transfer in the headset and then take it off to switch to your pc, the connection drops immediately giving the impression the connection failed. If you leave it on your head after you ok the file connection, the headset will remain in your browser on windows.
    • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
      That doesn't sound right. As long as the USB cable stays connected, it should not matter if you remove the headset from your face. It does not turn off, simple goes into a stand-by mode.
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    • mbeaulieumbeaulieu Posts: 3
      edited January 2019
      Has anyone gotten Android File Transfer to work as a means to get screenshots from the Oculus onto their Mac yet? Just trying to figure out if I should bother investing even more time into this puzzle.
    • mbeaulieumbeaulieu Posts: 3
      After some testing with the Oculus and my Mac I found the *only* way this works is with a USB cord that shipped with an Android phone. The Oculus cable does not work. No other USB cables I found or bought work. I wish the person that let me borrow their phone cable did not need it back :(
    • sandodadosandodado Posts: 0
      When android file transfer does not work, checking the hardware problem is the first step in solving the problem. In addition to checking the USB cable, it is necessary to restart the computer, restart the Android device, and reinstall the transfer tool. Second, replacing the transport tool is another effective way to solve Android file transfer fails.
    • rsilversrsilvers Posts: 11
      I have done transfers before, but not working now. I tried two Windows-10 PCs and a Mac with AFT. I tried three USB cables - not sure if they came with the Go - but don't see how none of my three USB cables are set up for data.
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