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Oculus Go Suggestions Thread / New UserVoice channel for feedback



  • przecinekprzecinek Posts: 596
    Nexus 6
    I wish we could use two Go controllers in each hand. 
    Well according to user manual this can be done, you just have to be mindful of your surroundings ;) 

    Well at least they won't have to reprint the manual, if in future they decide to support two :D:D 
  • dhldhl Posts: 8
    Brain Burst
    declantm said:
    I would like to see a video player on the Go that supports NFS so I can stream videos from my NAS
    If your NAS supports DNLA, you can stream from it now. My ReadyNAS Pro works great with the Go.
  • FailrunnerFailrunner Posts: 191
    copy & paste in the browser would be nice.
  • grmccraygrmccray Posts: 4
    edited July 2018
    Hi, I really like the Go, I realize that with it's reduced computing power it can't do the massive immersive hi def 3D VR of the Rift.
    That said, the apps I have seen manage to pull out really extraordinary capability from the available power.
    1. I think the thing most needed is a micro SD card slot so you can accumulate and transport as many Apps / Games as you want, on board memory is still useful and might be worth transferring SD Apps to it before sunning if SD Card transfer speed is an issue.
    This would cost peanuts on the Go.
    2. Also All game apps should be required to be at least re-settable to their starting conditions so I can replay it or my kid or my friend or whoever, it is like having a book you can only read once then it has to be thrown away.
    As a customer that is not what I paid for - speaking of SWAT VR Academy here in particular.
    Better still would be the ability to reset sections of the App to a zero state.
    Frankly this costs the App developers virtually nothing in terms of time or effort and pays big dividends in customer satisfaction.
    3. Also please let Go people signed in on the Oculus PC App actually leave reviews for purchased games on their PC rather than only their Go companion phone, presumably because you already showed the game as purchased on the PC improper reviews would not be a problem.

  • grmccraygrmccray Posts: 4
    edited July 2018
    Great device - 3 suggestions:
    1. Add a Micro-SD card slot plus current included memory, then you could have any number of Apps (great for App designers / sellers and costs peanuts) you could still transfer resource intense Apps to main memory for running if SD card transfer speed was an issue.
    2. Require that App developers of games allow the user to at least reset the game to it's initial start up values so they  can replay it from the beginning. Even better require or at least encourage internal section resets so game play can continue. Effort and time on developers parts would be minimal and the customer wouldn't feel like it was a play once then throw it away deal. - Found this especially exasperating with SWAT Academy VR on the Go.
    3. Allow signed in purchased app users to leave reviews on their PC rather than just the attached companion phone. 

  • ResidentpriestResidentpriest Posts: 1
    I have Arthritis very bad in my fingers and find it very hard to push the button to turn off the go so an icon on the dashboard that I could click with the remote would make my fingers feel so much better
  • CoolGamesNetCoolGamesNet Posts: 22
    Brain Burst
    Oculus Browser is "OOPS, Not Found" in secure portal desktop even though it has link in the purchased app list.
    Also has dedicated link on Oculus Go and not in store or library.
    This means not able to review or access content on another device.

    Allow Oculus Browser bookmarks to be seen and edited on desktop and mobile app.
    Very hard to manage with just 3DOF pointer.
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  • voxelmaniamvoxelmaniam Posts: 130
    benleow said:
    I know this is retro but I would like it to support a wired Ethernet dongle. Just saying, I have my reasons.
    yes. it is supported. I am using this adapter with OTG cable
    Hmm, I have one of your recommended ones on order but it will take a while. I've tried another one ( but it is unclear to me how to select it as the network I want to use. All that I see are the WiFi connections that are available around me.
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  • StamosPapasStamosPapas Posts: 4
    Facebook Messenger is not working in the browser!! Is there an alternative to see our messages in messenger??
  • LoirLoir Posts: 3
    Really liking the Go overall.  I have a few suggestions, most of which would be helpful when I use the Go (the Gos???) in my classes this Fall.

    1) A way to text or emoji message online contacts.
    2) A way to share from Quill (on Rift) to the Go.
    3) Because the keyboard is not that easy to use accurately, more voice controls in apps that need typing input.
    4) Some kind of group function, maybe connected to a Facebook group.

  • DilipDilip Posts: 257
    Nexus 6
    My few suggestions are regarding Storage and Power Alternate 

    1) Way to connect power bank where internal battery total cutoff thus not interfering or overheating battery 
    2) Memory Card slot 
    3) Or in case of total no memory card slot device should be having 128, 256 and 512 GB models too. 
    4) Allow Google Play store.
  • StayPuft83StayPuft83 Posts: 49
    Brain Burst
    I'm not familiar enough with the technical specifics behind why they suggest not charging it while you are using it, but if there was ever a way they could make it safe to do so, I'd be very much in favor of that. As it is, the current battery goes through the charge so quickly I couldn't imagine watching a really long movie in it. I mean, a shorter movie maybe, but I feel like if I tried to watch a Marvel movie, for example, I'd never get through the whole thing without the battery running out.
  • OndaNegraOndaNegra Posts: 2
      Nightmode; Poor sleep = poor health & cognition; bad juju, like cancer, alzheimer's, etc.Oh yeah and it impairs humans as much as being drunk.
       So imagine some freakoid saying,"Well judge I've been a real super fan of the Oculus, & muh sleep. Honest I didn't to mean run over that little old lady." . Well, all that with a hotshot team of lawyers & some expert witnesses; Sheez they're likely to build a whole case for some kind of negligence, health hazards, and whatever such litigiousness types conjure up when that money's the line. 
       Just saying. 
  • artadamsartadams Posts: 6

    We need a way to Bluetooth connect to our smart phone so that texts and phone calls can be answered without having to remove the headset.  Every time I put the OGO on, the phone rings or I get a text.  The ability to respond without removing the OGO would be awesome!!

  • artadamsartadams Posts: 6
    Decent remote desktop app Windows/Mac, I'm in the alpha of immerseVR and it seems promising, I think the OGO should have one native.
  • artadamsartadams Posts: 6

    it would be useful to have a setting to inverse scrolling on the controler.
  • inovatorinovator Posts: 2,911 Valuable Player
    This go thread is the most boring of all the threads
  • Lunartick007Lunartick007 Posts: 1
    The ability to change the time zone, and time, (preferably just by clicking the time on the menu bar) this should be a must have feature. It's frankly ridiculous that you currently have to factory reset the go if you change timezones!  (people do travel these days you know....  ;)
  • debirlfandebirlfan Posts: 1
    Any chance that eventually you won't need a phone to set one of these things up? I haven't looked at the Go in depth, but I suspect that once I had, I'd probably buy one in a second - except that I don't have a fancy cell phone. Sadly, I live in a "dead zone" as far as cell phones go, so there's little sense in buying something expensive that I'd rarely use. If Oculus were to come up with a unit you could set up via PC - chances are you'd have a customer. :(
  • bonnie.kuyatehbonnie.kuyateh Posts: 1
    How about a vibration mode that can be turned on/off on the headset? I thought that it would make some games, ex. rollercoaster rides, more realistic.
  • jeremy.deatsjeremy.deats Posts: 32 Oculus Start Member

    Oculus Neighborhoods

    Oculus Neighborhoods will extend on the concept of Oculus Rooms and Oculus Home. Oculus Neighborhoods will provide users a large common virtual area to wonder around, walk up to a virtual home, knock/ring doorbell and then potentially be invited into another user's private Home/Rooms space. In addition to providing a hub to access other's Oculus Home and Oculus Room instances, Oculus Neighborhood can provide parks, stores (for virtual items) and other recreational multi-player experiences. Some key concepts

         > Use matchmaking algorithms to place users Oculus Homes/Rooms into virtual neighborhoods. 

         > Provide neighborhood SDK so developers can create custom themed Neighborhoods. In addition to just "reskinning" fixed neighborhood layouts, developers should also be able to create custom mini-games to be placed in their neighborhood. 

         > Neighborhoods could be recommended to users with similar general or specific interest using FB data (e.g. themed neighborhoods.... Imagine an 80s themed neighborhood, a dragon fantasy themed neighborhood or even potential licensed neighborhoods such a Back To The Future or Marvel themed neighborhoods. I have no experience in IP law, but I suspect the licensing would work similar to games.

        > Neighborhood could provide a new category of VR content for creators. Instead of collecting a fee for someone purchasing their app, Neighborhood creators could collect a few when someone buys a lot in their neighborhood. Although their would be a fixed number of lots in the layout, Oculus could use instancing to scale popular neighborhoods.  e.g. "my Oculus Home is in the Back to the Future neighborhood on McFly Road, lot 6 instance 4"
       >  Users would have choice between pay for lot third-party developed Neighborhoods and also a few free selections available from Oculus.

       >  Users can own lots in multiple neighborhood, but they can only hold residence in one neighborhood at a time. Oculus can decide what other restrictions. For example, user John has his Oculus Home in the Desert Valley neighborhood. The Desert Valley neighborhood is one of the free Oculus Neighborhoods created by Oculus, John sees that a new Haunted themed Neighborhood is opening so he decides to pay $9.99 to buy a lot in the new Haunted Neighborhood. He moves into the new neighborhood but doesn't like the community there so he decides to move back to Desert Valley. There is no cost for him to move and since he owns a lot in Haunted Neighborhood he can always transfer his home back there. John may like to move his virtual home often so he may collect lots.  

        > The sky is the limit on various virtual goods. Think about the ways that real communities function and we could virtualize them. For example, there could be a handful of common games that Oculus builds that can be purchased by the Neighborhood designer. For example "Baseball League" could be such a feature. Developer Mark is creating a new Neighborhood, he buys from Oculus the "Baseball League" Neighborhood feature option. Now his neighborhood customer who own virtual lots can sign-up to be on the Baseball Team or attempt and root for their neighbors. Users could create virtual custom T-shirts with their teams logo and communities could be pitted against one another in competitive virtual sports.

       > Educational developers could build neighborhoods with education focus. Virtual schools, virtual dorms. Scheduled events could take place in the virtual schools and in general the community there could be focused on learning a specific topic of interest.

      > Neighborhood designers could choose to allow guest or not to allow guest.

  • RedRizlaRedRizla Posts: 8,058 Valuable Player
    edited September 2018
    The option to have PV leather covers for your face, because the type of materials Oculus uses aren't comfortable for a lot of people. I appreciate it's fine for some people, but my OculusGO is being returned due to it being uncomfortable on my face. I had the same problem with the CV1, but thankfully VR Cover stopped me from sending the CV1 back with their VR Covers.

    I hate the material Oculus uses, it irritates my face so much after only 10 mins. With VR Cover I can wear my CV1 all day long if I want to. I don't see a VR cover for OculusGO though, so sadly it has to be returned. This will also apply to any headsets I purchase in the future, if they are uncomfortable they will just have to be returned. Comfort for me is key to a good headset and it's the main thing I look for now..
  • inovatorinovator Posts: 2,911 Valuable Player
    To me the soft straps in the back give you no where near the support of the cv1 and comfort.  I believe the Santa Cruz will have that type of comfort and I'm looking forward to it.
  • RedRizlaRedRizla Posts: 8,058 Valuable Player
    @inovator - I agree, it's a shame really because the display looks fantastic. They just can't seem to nail comfort though for some people and you would think that would be the easy part.
  • sporxsporx Posts: 90 Oculus Start Member
    in the flight home from OC5, I was wearing my Go most of the flight (fishing in Bait), but only because the content i thought i downloaded from the hotel room for some reason didn't show up in the headset during the flight.  there is an enormous dependency on the net (for good reason), but streaming content could really benefit from the "use offline" option. (like in spotify, or google drive, etc). 

    additionally, it would have been nice to be able to use the airline's proprietary app to watch their media streams.  from a marketing strategy, every single commercial airplane in the world  (which is actually pretty quantifiable) needs to have at least one or two Go's on it, and every in-flight prep announcement needs to mention instructions for requesting a Go for use.  This is the future of transportation, and could be a major contributor to the 'path to a billion' (or 10 million, or whatever number :)

    in any case, had a great flight home with the Go! 
  • solidshadowsolidshadow Posts: 26 Oculus Start Member
    edited October 2018
    Current Experience
    • The "Settings>Reset view calibration" is gone after you watched an online movie.
    • The "Allow Access to Data prompt" on usb , a setting to "allow everytime" is very welcome.
    • Avoid the Reboot after removing files to make available storage show up.
    • Netflix still have to be kept active with the controller to avoid hibernating.
    • Controller battery low popup, to prominent on top of content, and not needed since the rift lasts shorter then the controller battery while low.
    • Clear browsing data>Clear data, make it erase full browsing history, setting all checks and time window is to much hussle.
    Future Experience
    • NFS share support is indeed very welcome.
    • Keep up the good work folks, doing great out there
  • jeremy.deatsjeremy.deats Posts: 32 Oculus Start Member
    Oculus Go Controller emulation/sync for Unity... I assume the Oculus Go controller connects via Bluetooth to the Go and then bases it's current location and direction relative to the headset, assuming user is wearing headset. It seems this could be inverted in the emulator when controller "re-center" operation is invoked the coordinate system transferred to account for the Bluetooth reciever living inside a PC positioned somewhere in front of controller on lower, etc... This seems like a small amount of effort with huge potential payoff. As many of us Go developer do not own Rift hardware. 
  • inovatorinovator Posts: 2,911 Valuable Player
    This is still the most boring thread.
  • RedRizlaRedRizla Posts: 8,058 Valuable Player
    inovator said:
    This is still the most boring thread.

    Why what's boring about it?
  • LZoltowskiLZoltowski Posts: 6,776 Volunteer Moderator
    inovator said:
    This is still the most boring thread.

    That was not a really constructive comment.
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