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149 hours of play in Echo Arena <3

dan108dan108 Posts: 168
Tomorrow I'll probablly reach 150h. But I have this strange feelings. It's such as if Echo Arena is the ony real Killer Application on VR market today (and for free also), and I really have difficulty to consider any other games on par of it in therms of "worth the time".
Rationally I understand there are a lot of games but....
In Echo Arena the community is really kind, I can find new friends, the game is incredibly deep, team cooperation is super important, I mean it's so awesome! I hope new developers/new projects will learn a lot from the work of Ready At Dawn, they really have hit the goals for an awesome user experience imho, I'm so grateful to them.
My only wish is if this game may be released also on other platforms so to have an increased space for user base.


  • LZoltowskiLZoltowski Posts: 6,738 Volunteer Moderator
    Awesome that you are enjoying it, I would also let the devs let know on twitter, they reply all the time and are super friendly.

    P.S I moved this into the Lone Echo / Echo Arena section :)
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