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What went into the Tuscany demo?

sqhsqh Posts: 21
edited March 2014 in Oculus Share
I'm interested in learning what went into the Tuscany demo. I have questions like:
+ How many people worked on it?
+ How much time went into it?
+ Are the textures photographs or digital paintings?
+ How much code (outside of the actual Rift SDK) was written in C# or JS in Unity?
+ How much of what went into it are purchased resources (IE stock photography, models, textures..etc) versus original?

The general thrust of my interest is that I want to know how realistic it is for a single artist/developer to aspire to make experiences like that? Obviously it represents a high degree of mastery of whatever skills went into making it, but if it also represents the work of 20 people over 6 months, then...?


  • DeadlyJoeDeadlyJoe Posts: 776
    This demo was saddled by Brian McRae and developed with the help of other employees at his indie game company, Fenix Fire. They have a short description of the development process on their blog. If you e-mail them, they might offer more information.
  • kamau00kamau00 Posts: 43
    I don't think that demo would take very long to make once you understood the tools. I'm guessing I could reproduce it using blender & UDK in a couple of dedicated weeks (80 hours or so). I've only been doing blender/UDK on weekends/late-nights for 9 months. Maybe I'll try that once I finish my current Ready Player One project.
  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    With the proper talent, I think one person could make something comparable to Tuscany. How long that would take, I don't know. But it's certainly possible.
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  • ItsinthemindItsinthemind Posts: 485
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    From a modelling point of view it would probably take me a couple of days using some stuff from my repository, textures etc. Putting it together in Unity perhaps another day or so, because it is only a small patch. Fantasy becomes Reality
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