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Core 2.0 GPU usage bug/Dash virtual windows high DPI bug

DaftnDirectDaftnDirect Posts: 5,708 Volunteer Moderator

Well, I seem to have installed a lot of updates this week... Windows 10 update 1803, Nvidia 397.64 drivers... and an Oculus update. So I thought I'd visit a couple nagging bugs that were... erm nagging me.

The first is GPU usage when Oculus Core 2.0 is running but the headset isn't in use. As soon as you start Oculus, the Nvidia VR desktop is created as a virtual monitor and at the same time, GPU usage increases, even when the headset isn't being used. To compound the problem, Windows doesn't seem to display GPU usage for this virtual display, so unless you're monitoring your temps, you probably wouldn't realise it's happening.

Unfortunately this is still the case. So my advice is to shut down the Oculus software whenever it's not in use. Please Oculus fix this, I'm a massive fan of saving energy (and getting the longest life possible out of my hardware).


The second bug was that for anyone like me using high Windows DPI settings, the Dash virtual keyboard and virtual windows had problems being displayed. This seems to have been fixed (well almost), virtual windows drag ok and the keyboard displays mostly ok with just a disappearing lower section when not looking down enough.

So I think we're getting there.

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