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Facebook + Cryptocurrency = Facecoin

ZenbaneZenbane Posts: 14,617 Valuable Player
edited May 2018 in General

Facebook Plans to Create Its Own Cryptocurrency

Facebook started studying blockchain almost a year ago, when a member of its corporate development team, Morgan Beller, began looking at how the social platform could use the emerging technology.

Marcus leads a team of less than a dozen Facebook employees working on blockchain. Before joining the company, he was the president of PayPal, which facilitates transactions between users in Facebook’s Messenger app.

Marcus is an early Bitcoin investor, and in December he joined the board of Coinbase, which runs one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges.

Interesting news in light of the fact that high-end VR Graphics Cards had a price spike and shortage due to cryptomining.
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  • nalex66nalex66 Posts: 5,020 Volunteer Moderator
    Mairez said:
    My friend simply amazed me yesterday! Just imagine, he meets me, shows the hashflare site on his smartphone and says you may get hashflare codes here right now and save money off BTC purchases! I didn't believe my eyes, buy BTC and save money? But it's possible, it really is. 
    Spambot post? This user has 5 posts to his name, and every one of them is trying to get people to click a link. @kojack?
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  • kojackkojack Posts: 5,690 Volunteer Moderator
    nalex66 said:
    Spambot post? This user has 5 posts to his name, and every one of them is trying to get people to click a link. @kojack?

    Yep, looks like it. Gone.

  • Shadowmask72Shadowmask72 Posts: 3,841 Valuable Player
    Hmmm, Facemining...Now that does sound all futuristic like doesn't it.

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  • MAC_MAN86MAC_MAN86 Posts: 2,262
    edited March 10
    Crypto is nothing but gambling. Thus addictive and can leave new-comers with a huge loss. I know many people who have lost over £3000 from it. I also know some younger college kids that had to borrow parent's money to try and hold onto what they put in after making an initial investment of £1000 go over £45,000 and then suddenly lose it all again before they could profit. Now they are left sitting in as it slowly dives further!
    If Facebook is so inclined to do this then it is no better than hooking us up to real Poker gambling. This is wrong for groups of friends to get into just by peer pressure to be "cool". If anything what Facebook really should do is Bonds and Lottery Draws! At least keep it simple and without such pressure to stay hooked.
  • hoppingbunny123hoppingbunny123 Posts: 686
    edited March 10
    bitcoin is imaginary currency, not tied to real value like gold. that means its controlled no different than fiat currency. people made real money from it but if you dont then its not for you is it. so i say this in hopes Facebook cryto currency is not imaginary money like bitcoin was but can be counted on years into the future after initial investment. bitcoins should never have been limited.
  • ShocksVRShocksVR Posts: 467
    Surprised it's not called "ZuckerBucks" :D
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