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Entering complex passwords is damn annoying/impossible

Sage256Sage256 Posts: 2
I use Lastpass to login to everything on my phone, and PC, so the passwords are long, complicated and random.  with my face in my Oculus Go, I can't see my passwords on my phone or PC, I can login to Lastpass in the oculus browser, but I can't seem copy and paste.  basically. it is a huge pain to enter any complex passwords in to the Oculus Go, browser pages, and some apps.   I would love to be able to login through my phone, or the website, or something.. easiest fix would be adding copy and paste.


  • NeloDiavoloNeloDiavolo Posts: 42
    Brain Burst
    For password management, there's a slight nose gap if you adjust the Go headset just right. What I do is look at my password manager from my phone through the gap. It's a bit of a juggle with your phone in one hand and the Go controller in the other, but it is doable. I am able to see my phone's password app and type into the Go's keyboard rather quickly. However I agree that a copy and paste feature would be convenient.  
  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    I am the same. I have a pretty crazy Netflix password, and was able to login by looking at my password manager on my phone through the nose gap. It's a little bit of a hassle, but doable.
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  • Sage256Sage256 Posts: 2
    Haha yes, I shortened a few passwords and found the nose gap after passing this.. Must be a "feature".. 
  • TwoHedWlfTwoHedWlf Posts: 2,234 Valuable Player
    Just use "Password" like I do.  Wait...Damnit now I have to change all my passwords.

  • Egamer25Egamer25 Posts: 1
    Small problem for me for your nose gap solution I need reading glasses to see my phone but not to use the go. So still damn impossible!
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