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Having some trouble with my Rift. Looking for some help

TheBigGGTheBigGG Posts: 3
I am having some what i believe are tracking problems with my rift. I was hoping someone with more insight could help me out.
Here's a list of problems I've been having:
  • Tracking lost, screen freezes, but sound continues playing. After a sec or 2, everything is back to normal
  • Tracking lost, screen goes dark, sound stops. After a sec or 2, screen and sound comes back on, but screen flickers, and tracking puts me in the ground. Restarting home fixes this.
  • Notification shows HDMI was disconnected
  • Rift status shows "too many lost IMU samples" but only for a sec
  • Rarely, the rift completely turns off, and only restarting my computer turns this back on
  • Rarely, one of my sensors will have the status "general device problem calldriver request failed". Unplugging and re-plugging fixes this
  • Popping in audio
I would get these errors every once in a while in the past. In the past couple weeks, they have become so frequent, I can't play anything.
If it helps, my core parts are: Ryzen 1600; MSI X370 gaming pro carbon; MSI GTX 970

Best Answers

  • TheBigGGTheBigGG Posts: 3
    Accepted Answer
    I tried that out. I had my rift on its own controller, and the sensors on the others. I also got a new hdmi extension cable. These two things seemed to have made the errors much more rare. Thank you for the advise.


  • TwoHedWlfTwoHedWlf Posts: 2,234 Valuable Player
    Have you tried moving the Rift's USB plug to a different port?  Maybe one on a USB controller that isn't shared by anything else?
  • TheBigGGTheBigGG Posts: 3
    My mobo has 3 controllers. I have a sensor on each, and the rift with one of them. Would it be better to have 2 sensors on a controller, and the rift by itself?
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