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All of a sudden MIC not working

CowboyRogCowboyRog Posts: 16
Yesterday MIC was working in Poker VR. Today can't get it to work. Did a reboot and full power down and still nothing.
First, is there a simple way to test if the MIC is working without going into an APP and asking if they hear me?
Second, how can I fix the MIC not working?


  • CowboyRogCowboyRog Posts: 16
    The Voice Search is also not working. It did work in the past but not today/
  • voxelmaniamvoxelmaniam Posts: 125
    You beat me to it. Sounds like it is time to log a trouble ticket.
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  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 25,400 Oculus Staff
    Please contact us. Thanks.

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  • CowboyRogCowboyRog Posts: 16
    Starting working today.... Don't know why. 

  • FraserBierwirthFraserBierwirth Posts: 1
    same problem no voice search or anything

  • CowboyRogCowboyRog Posts: 16
    I think that some of the apps interfere with the MIC. Try going into any recent apps you used and back out of them and then do a reboot. This may help. My MIC starting working after I did this a couple of times.
  • spiritLedspiritLed Posts: 1
    I noticed that my mic was not working today when I tried to chat in Big Screen. Mic doesn’t work in any apps or in voice search. I tried rebooting. Tried a factory reset. Still not working.
  • yogiguyyogiguy Posts: 2
    I did a reset.. no mic.. Has anyone figured this out?  Doesn't work on Big Screen or any of the virtual talk apps
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