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I have submitted my short film to Oculus. It was approved. How do I find it?

cstockmancstockman Posts: 2
I'm a VR filmmaker. I recently submitted my short film to Oculus following the instructions on this page: (Basically I uploaded to Facebook as a secret video then submitted it.)

I received an email saying it was approved and asking when I would like it to be featured. I answered that I'd like it to be featured the following day (I wasn't given constraints). Since then I have received no more emails despite me following up.

So my question is: How would I know if it indeed is on Oculus Video? Where would I see it? I have an Oculus Go and I look in Oculus Video, but it doesn't seem to be there. 

Thanks for your time.


  • FieldOfVisionFieldOfVision Posts: 211 Oculus Start Member
    They may not have been able to publish it that fast, have they responded to you?

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  • cstockmancstockman Posts: 2
    Thank you for the reply. They haven't responded, so as much as anything I was wondering if any other video creators had had similar experiences. I.e. Does it usually just take a few weeks? Does it stay on Oculus Video forever in a particular category? Or does it go away once it ceases to be featured?

    Just wondering if I should bother hoping to direct people to Oculus Video or stick with YouTube, which is not the best experience on Oculus. 
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