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Recalibrate Gear VR/S7 Edge. Looking dot is off centre

QubusNLQubusNL Posts: 2
Hi all,

Since a short time the dot in the center of the screen is off centre. It's like 1 cm to the left and then 1 cm down.
So if im playing a game i have to tilt my head to the right (for example 20 degrees) and thats a bit annoying.

What i've tried:
Reset my Galaxy S7 Edge to the factory defaults
Uninstalled all VR applications, and reinstalled them
Updated to the latest Android version available (stock 8.0).
Tried to use "Reset View" in Oculusn Home, but this moves the whole view, and not the looking dot to the center.

Is there a way to recalibrate the device?


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