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Impossible to play with oculus rift cv1

RobedHail9RobedHail9 Posts: 7
edited May 2018 in General
Hi, I have a problem with my rift every time I try to use my oculus rift I can not play for more than 10 minutes while I play or lose the sound in the integrated rift headphones, or disconnect the rift recovers and if return to play the rift screen flashes, preventing me from continuing.
I have already tried to repair and reinstall oculus software and update the video card drivers but I have not solved the problem.
My system: I5 4670k oc 4.4ghz gtx 1080 ram 16gb ddr3 ssd operating system and oculus software hdd with games.
Please help me. 


  • RobedHail9RobedHail9 Posts: 7
    Problem solved by buying a pci usb 3.0, I no longer have any problem of crash or loss of sound.
  • MAC_MAN86MAC_MAN86 Posts: 1,471
    Well done! Once you get the inevitable Blackouts then you'd wish you had routed your cable better as I do...over your head with more slack and the clip on the other side. A potato would do a better job over that clip!
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