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Elite Exploration



  • nroskonrosko Posts: 954
    This thread has inspired me to try this game again. It is oddly one of my favorites VR titles but i struggle with it a bit as Voice attack doesn't seem to work well for me. I should probably just give up with the va & just map the keys & play it.  
  • ChazmeisterChazmeister Posts: 540
    A handy tool for when you start mining. It's a pristine metallics distance calculator.

    As for multicrew, at the moment all you can do is either operate turret weapons or fly SLFs, and of course just sit there and watch and put your extra pip into something. They have talked about doing multicrew mining with the new mining update though and exploration update. So maybe with the Q4 updates multicrew might actually become more worthwhile. Right now however, if it doesn't involve combat in an SLF capable ship, then you're just along for the ride.

    What multicrew really needs is the ability to let 1 or 2 crew members take out an SRV, which right now you can't do. Then one person could fly air support in base raids, whilst the other two go in, in SRV's. Ideally you should be able to drop off an SRV and launch an SLF or visa versa. They just need to add the ability for cmdr's to close the SLF or SRV bay. 
  • JD-UKJD-UK Posts: 2,548 Valuable Player
    edited July 2018
    nrosko said:
    This thread has inspired me to try this game again. It is oddly one of my favorites VR titles but i struggle with it a bit as Voice attack doesn't seem to work well for me. I should probably just give up with the va & just map the keys & play it.  
    I have the Voice Attack HCS packs - ASTRA, another one-off release and the personal pack. I gave up on it because of all the voice recognition utilities I've used (since around 2011) it's the worst. It might be the best from a programming point of view, but for recognition I find it really sucks compared to everything else I've used (dwVAC, Voice Buddy, SimVoiceChecklists, and a couple of older ones I can't remember). They all use the Windows API - but some are obviously better optimised than others.

    I used a database utility for Elite:D recently, which had numerous voice commands built in. There was an option to use it via Voice Attack, but you don't have to - I actually found it far better. I'll go and see if I can find it.

    EDit: OK - it's called EDDI - in some places it's described as a Voice Attack plug-in, but I never used it as such, nor did any of the players I chatted to about it.
    The one downer is that it blabbers on quite a bit. When you make a jump, for example, it starts telling you all the info about where you have arrived - to the smallest detail. It gets annoying very quickly so I switched it off (seems most do).

  • ChazmeisterChazmeister Posts: 540
    Did a bit of mining in an asteroid field last night, which is something I admittedly haven't done for ages. I think the last time was with the release of the Keelback. It seems the rings have changed a bit since I last visited. There's a heck of a lot more variation in the rocks now, or so it seems to me since I last went out to a ring, both in size and shape and their spin rate, with some not spinning at all. Lining up with a roid so your drones don't get swatted isn't quite as much a pain in the arse as I remember either, perhaps I'm just getting better.

    When you find the good stuff, there's generally more of it in the roids from what I can tell, but it takes longer to find the good roids and you'll use more limpets prospecting in a ring than in an asteroid field. So asteroid fields are a bit like fish in a barrel by comparison to a ring, the good stuff is easier to come by but the rewards are smaller and the resources are limited. In a ring you'll waste more time prospecting, but when you find what you're looking for the amounts more than compensate.

    So basically I've been trying to mine gold specifically, to fulfill a mission quota of 90 units. In the asteroid fields I was getting about 14 units per session and that was visiting several fields. In a ring I was doubling that and getting about 32 units in the same amount of time, but I used all of my limpets compared to about half in the asteroid fields. Out of 55 limpets, a little under 3 quarters were used for prospecting. 

    To start with I was prospecting in a metallic ring and wasn't finding anything I wanted and so swapped to a metal rich ring and got much better results when looking for gold, which is the opposite of what most people say on the forums, with metallics supposedly being a lot better. I guess that's just the RNG nature of it. Once I've hit my quotas and stuff like that I'll give it a proper go to see if I can make some good money from it. Might need a minor refit and adjustment first though as I could do with a couple more collection limpets to speed things up a bit and go see if I can't get me a big haul of Painite.

  • JD-UKJD-UK Posts: 2,548 Valuable Player
    Can't you simply restock limpets with synthesis?

  • ChazmeisterChazmeister Posts: 540
    edited July 2018
    Yeah but it takes 10 iron and nickel to restock just 4 limpets. I know iron and nickel are easy to come by, but it'll still burn through a large pile of materials to stock up a decent amount of limpets. OK I do have about 250+ of each of those materials, but with each limpet costing only 101 creds and that sort of money being easier to come by than any material you could care to mention, I'd rather spend the creds than waste an hour or more hoovering up rocks on a planet.

    So it's OK in a situation where you're out of limpets and just want to finish mopping up a particularly good haul, but not great for doing a proper restock. Not when you're going out with 50+ limpets just for a quick 1 hour or so's session. And at the moment I only have 2 collectors operating at any one time, and I'm looking to up that to 4 and will probably also double the limpets I take out with me to about 100. So synthesis is OK for those moments when you just need a couple more limpets to finish the job, but otherwise realistically you need to restock at a station.

    A lot of the synthesis is like that though. It's there for those emergencies where you just need a quick top up on the fly, especially if you're way out from any services, but it does not replace getting a proper refill at a station. It's the same with missiles and MC ammo, synthesis does not completely refill the weapons, it just gives you a small top up to keep you going. So whilst you can use it to completely refill, you will use up a lot of your materials.

    Also last night tried mining at the pristine metallic ring again, and once again found the results were not nearly as good as the pristine metal rich ring in the same system. Yet all the advice on the forums is that the reverse should be true. Maybe the rings are labelled wrong, or maybe FD have changed the drop rates and now the forum advice is wrong, who knows? 
  • JD-UKJD-UK Posts: 2,548 Valuable Player
    I actually use synthesis to replace my missiles etc because you can increase their effectiveness with it :)
    Especially good with cannon. The only other thing I use it for (apart from AFMU refill when exploring) is FSD to increase my range, though not that often. Depends on the situation. Oh - and to repair my SRV, which I tend to get a bit wild with, y' know, for fun.

    But I mentioned it because I thought that the situation you say they are good for is the very situation you were in. I didn't mean as a general thing to do - I meant because you said you ran out of limpets in that situation. Hence asking if you could have synthesised them.

  • JD-UKJD-UK Posts: 2,548 Valuable Player
    Okay - his majesty has arrived! :D (well I am a 'King' after all!)

    Handed in the cartography data for the trip from highway stop 6 to Colonia via Sag A and got a nice 78,125,33 crdeits!

    Very nice - makes the tedious stretches worth it. Now allied with Colonia - could swear I was last time, but probably dropped a bit if I killed off any of their faction pirates (never understood that silly rule).

    So I have easily got enough to buy the Imperial Cutter I want, now. However, round here the best you can get these days is a Python - or, seeing as we have some new ships around - the Krait II, which is what I have treated myself to :)

    A couple of other things have changed since I was last here - the ferrying costs are nowhere near as expensive as they used to be (from the Bubble), though they are still quite expensive:

    ...and there's also now a tech broker here, with all kinds of Guardian goodies, which I have no idea about!

    So, my longest exploration trip to date is over -gawd alone knows how far I've travelled, but it has taken me 3½ months and netted me a total of 221.7 million credits (after deductions for fuel/repairs etc) - oh and got my Commander name plastered over a large area of the galaxy! :D

    I hearby pronounce myself chuffed :)

    No more exploring for me for a loooong time...

  • Roming22Roming22 Posts: 141
    I know what you feel. I came back from a galaxy tour that took me from the bubble to beagle point through SagA*, with the return trip along the galaxy arm. It took me about 7 months (with some cool down periods). Thank god for podcasts.

    I'm not sure what I'm going to do next... Maybe rank up trading, or try mining for a bit.
  • JD-UKJD-UK Posts: 2,548 Valuable Player
    edited July 2018
    Ranking up for the empire is very easy now - and lucrative, too. Netted me 80 million a day and took about 3 days to get to King, from Lord, I think - about 5 or 6 promotions, anyway. Between HIP 8758 and HIP 8444 doing just data transfer missions.

    Federation isn't so quick as there is no comparable rat-run. I did have a go at the standard location, Ceos/Sothis, but gave up once I'd got high enough to buy any ship. It was far more tedious than the other run.

    I wasn't too bothered before, but as I knew I was leaving the Bubble for a long time, I decided to do what I could before setting off.

  • ChazmeisterChazmeister Posts: 540
    Well now you're out there, just think about the 22k ly return trip should you ever want to come back to the bubble (oh, and you will).  :p   :D
  • JD-UKJD-UK Posts: 2,548 Valuable Player
    edited July 2018
    I think I'm going to have a break for a while and do other things - then come back and check out my Krait II - no intention of returning to the Bubble before next year. I'm pulling out of the DW 2 expedition - too many participants and what are we all gonna do? To start with I thought it would be something new - but it looks like a big waste of time for anyone except the organisers and promoters.

    I'll probably come back to the game after this next big update, whatever blurb they've called it.

    ps - I am considering trying to set up a mining ship with a decent enough range when I eventually do return. Then I can stop for a while at each of the Colonia highway stations - they all have a lot of mining missions. That way it won't be too boring. Lot of moons to pass before then, though, so who knows?

  • JD-UKJD-UK Posts: 2,548 Valuable Player
    Back in the cockpit this evening and quite enjoying myself doing bob-a-job in the Krait II, which I really enjoy flying so far.

    It's taking a while to get it modded to the required spec. I was hoping to simply store the Clipper and swap all the modded and engineered modules over, but for some reason I was unable to do so with anything but the FSD (which bumped me straight up to 31LY - plenty for bob-a-job). Really weird that - it wouldn't allow me to even store the scanners to swap them over. So, as Jacques Station is pretty rubbish for modules above class 3, I've been visiting all the outfitting stations on my jobs - and am very slowly getting there. Took several trips before I could even get some decent lasers - was stuck with simple missiles only up until then.

    With the amount of space on the Krait II, I think it's looking like it will be great for mining - so as soon as I've re-read @Chazmeister 's tips, I'll get it kitted out. Unfortunately, the same availability limitations apply for mining kit, too - so might take a while to find the gear. No matter, I'm happy with the jobbing around for now (and taxiing) and that's what matters.

    At some stage I will have to test this baby's combat ability.

  • ChazmeisterChazmeister Posts: 540
    Some folks really rate it for combat, but out the box and just A rated I've found it to be a bit fragile and in need of a bit of engineering. It's hard not to compare it to my Python which can take a load of punishment, which I'm currently back flying again until I can beef it up a bit with a few mods.

    My Krait took a bit of a beating when I was fighting off a random pirate during a delivery mission, which was then joined by an "incoming enemy" from my mission alert, which just happened to be a dangerous Anaconda with SLF. So I left my SLF behind to distract it while I boosted away by the skin of my teeth taking a load of damage in the process. The shields and hull of the Krait aren't particularly tough and it's not so fast that it can quickly out run a pursuing Anaconda's weapon range, plus it's SLF of course, without taking a fair bit of fire. So I'd better gather up some materials and pay a visit to the engineers with it before I do anything dangerous in that again.

    So back in my trusty Python again whilst I try and take 4-5 star rep missions for the Feds to boost my way up the ranks, as I'm only 2 away from Rear Admiral now and I still want a Corvette.
  • JD-UKJD-UK Posts: 2,548 Valuable Player
    edited July 2018
    Grats on the rank. I can't remember mine, but I think I got it up to what I need for all the ships. I really want to have a go in a Cutter when I come across one again.

    I was considering driving the Krait II back to the Bubble, when I finally go. If I fit it for mining, I could stop at each Colonia Highway station - they all have plenty of mining tasks and that would break up the trip into more tolerable segments.

    I do have plenty of military grade armour back at LHS 2764A, but I'm reluctant to pay the 19.5 million cr to have one shipped out here, in case I can't fit it. That happened to me before, and I had no idea why I wasn't permitted to fit it - so until I know that, I won't throw the cash away.

    I forgot about the SLF - have to get one soon and give it a go - never had one before :)

    PS - cost me an arm and a leg, but my 6A engineered power plant is on it's 61 hour journey out to Colonia to put in the Krait :D

  • kojackkojack Posts: 6,756 Volunteer Moderator
    I don't think I've played Elite this year (had it for 4 years, hard to keep the enthusiasm up for the whole time without a break). Things have changed quite a bit (galnet audio, thargoids, guardians, etc). But I got an urge so a couple of days ago I reinstalled it.
    Hmm, this guardian fsd booster sounds interesting, I think I'll try for that.
    The coords I found online for a guardian site was around 1000ly from my location. Time to re-equip my Asp (dual srv bay, I don't know what fighting a sentinel is like, so I want a backup).

    Exploring guardian sites on the ground is quite fun. Shooting collectible pieces off of alien structures, fighting flying robots that burst out of the ground, racing against the clock to find and activate pylons, etc.

    Now to head back to find whoever I need to build the booster thingy.

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  • RuneSR2RuneSR2 Posts: 6,410 Valuable Player
    I've had some gamepad troubles with ED, but it seems the latest patch fixed everything apart from audio mirroring - for now I won't ask for more, seems like the devs break something every time they fix some stuff...!!!?p=6888890#post6888890
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  • kojackkojack Posts: 6,756 Volunteer Moderator
    It would be cool if ship shipping had tiers. The more you pay, the faster it arrives. Or more likely (for me) the less you pay, the longer it takes.

    I've been awake for 25 hours, most of which was mad coding against a hard deadline. I've got VR coding to do before tomorrow morning (for my students). But I think I'll see if I can make it back to the bubble and my trusty Python before I fall asleep.

    (Actually I just found a python in my yard an hour ago. A Coastal Carpet Python. I'd prefer my Faulcon DeLacy Python though)

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  • JD-UKJD-UK Posts: 2,548 Valuable Player
    I'll tell ya what - that Krait II is the best interdiction evader I've flown by some margin. Took on 235t of a mix of palladium and Gold today on different delivery missions and sure enough, it made me a target for every vagabond in the Colonia region!

    No sweat - this thing drops them like a Dachshund in a Greyhound derby!

  • JD-UKJD-UK Posts: 2,548 Valuable Player
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    I finally got to have a go at modern mining today - though I left the game felling rather pissed off.

    I got the best modules I could, using online info to find the best modules in the region - which equated to some mediocre equipment.

    I also didn't know how to get a limpet for a particular purpose. I need then for prospecting and collecting, basically. At the original station, they didn't seem to have any, so I synthesised 4, just to see how I could use them, without throwing away materials. These were somehow allocated as collector limpets. Fine. So then I go to Jacques and find that it offers me prospector limpets - great! I buy 4 of those, too. But that left me not knowing how to fill up the remainder of limpets needed for collecting. I certainly wasn't going to synthesise them all, and I know I will lose both types of limpets as I go along.

    Now I was under the impression that a limpet is a limpet and that's all - what it gets used for, depends on which controllers you have fitted. But it seems this isn't the case. Can't be - because I was sold limpets specifically for prospecting. Anyway, "what the hell?" I thinks, and buys a shitload of limpets, thinking I'll be able to use them for collecting.

    I get to the PMR outside Jacques and fire off a prospector limpet at a non-rotating asteroid (some rotate, some don't). Hey! It's my lucky day - it's full of Praseodymium - not eactly platinum, but worth enough for me. So I fire off the mining laser and 2 chunks come off. For some reason, my limpets refuse to launch, so I use the cargo scoop to collect the chunks manually. I then do the same with the next 3 chunks. I then fire the laser again and after a second or two it stops. "Thermal Overload" it says. And that's the end of the mining, cos it won't cool down and I only have the one laser (was reluctant to leave myself defenceless and on my own). I did, however, finally get a collector limpet to launch and it fetched the last 2 chunks aboard for a total of 2t of Praseodymium . Yippe-dy-doo :p

    Went back to Jacques, sold the metal for 8,400cr and sold back the 64 limpets in my hold (great that you can actually sell them back).

    So wtf is going on here?

    Here is my set-up:


    Bear in mind, this is the best I can get here in Colonia. A 2D mining laser is the top one here. A 4A refinery, with 10 bins and a 5A collector limpet controller (3 limpets), a 5D prospector limpet controller (4).

    So I take it this means I can only have 3 collector limpets and 4 prospector limpets? So what to I do to get more? Have to go back to a station? If I synthesise limpets, what decides how they are used? Also - I had barely started using that mining laser and it overheated already? That seems nuts.

    FFS give me the old method any day!

    ps - when I got back to Jacques, I looked in replen and it wasn't offering any particular limpets at all (to replace the prospector and collector ones I'd lost), which was baffling.

  • kojackkojack Posts: 6,756 Volunteer Moderator
    That's odd.

    Limpets are blank. It depends on which limpet controller is bound to the fire group as to which program is written to them when launched. So you need prospecting and collection on different groups (or on the same group but bind one to primary fire and one to secondary).

    Damn I wish there was more than 2 fire buttons.

    I was just out tonight mining in my anaconda. Having a switch on my hotas bound to fire means I can just sit back and relax while the mining laser does it's thing and my three limpets scoop up the fragments as fast as they spawn (having your nose about 50m from the asteroid makes the limpets collect super fast, less flying time back and forth).

    I went to an uninhabited system with a ringed gas giant. I dropped out of frameshift in one of the rings. Within a second or so there was a radar blip approaching. Damn it, why do pirates instantly know where I am?
    I already had some mining cargo, so I knew things wouldn't go well.
    The blip got closer, it was a single Eagle. He came up and scanned me. I deployed hardpoints.
    A sensible pirate in a tiny Eagle seeing turrets and missile racks all over an anaconda pop out and target him might decide "no thanks, I'm out of here". But this guy demanded 5000 cr of cargo or he'd kill me.
    About 1 second of me pulling the trigger and he didn't exist anymore.
    Back to mining.

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  • ChazmeisterChazmeister Posts: 540
    Brixmis said:

    Here is my set-up:


    Bear in mind, this is the best I can get here in Colonia. A 2D mining laser is the top one here. A 4A refinery, with 10 bins and a 5A collector limpet controller (3 limpets), a 5D prospector limpet controller (4).

    So I take it this means I can only have 3 collector limpets and 4 prospector limpets? So what to I do to get more? Have to go back to a station? If I synthesise limpets, what decides how they are used? Also - I had barely started using that mining laser and it overheated already? That seems nuts.

    If you can, try this instead: Improved Krait mining build

    OK first things first. As Kojack has already said, all limpets are blanks until they have been assigned a task by one of the limpet controllers. So you need to bind your prospector limpet controller and collection limpet controller to your primary and secondary fire buttons. So create a new fire group for your limpet controllers and do just that. Set one controller to your primary button and the other to your secondary button. For instance I use my primary fire button to fire off prospector limpets and the secondary button to fire off collection limpets. Set your mining lasers on a different fire group and when your collector limpets expire, just flip back to pop out a couple more out.

    Mining lasers overheating. It just means you need to put pips in to your weapons. All lasers and weapons when they run out of juice say they're "overheating". Which is it; are they out of power or overheating? Same difference whatever and I've never quite figured out whether pips to weapons is supposed to be for coolant or something like that rather than a straight supply of power. Anyway pips to weapons, you shouldn't need more than about 2-3 pips in weps anyway. 3 pips should fire 2 2D lasers almost continuously. Oh yes and on that note, 2D is the highest mining laser available.

    I've made some changes to your setup you had there in Coriolis. I'm not sure how accurately this reflected your setup anyway as it seemed a bit amiss to me but I've tweaked it a bit for you anyhow.

    Most changes are in your optional internals, so I'll start there at the top.

    1. I've changed your shield gen to a 6C unit. Ideally you want a 6A gen powered by a 6A plant, but it's much better than the 6E unit you possibly were still using and you got the juice to run it so you may as well.
    2. You do not need a 5A or whatever prospector controller. I've swapped that for a 3A instead. At the end of the day, all you are doing with that is firing off a limpet to find the content of asteroids, and you don't really need any more than one prospector limpet operational at a time and the 3A allows for 2 anyway. So I've swapped that for more cargo space, which is much more useful when mining.
    3. I've given you a fighter hanger. Arrive on site and launch your wingman and recall when you're ready to leave. Should you get caught with your pants down, it's a ready bit of backup you can order to attack hostiles in an instant whilst you get your shit together.
    4. A 4A Refinery in your slot 4 of course. Where else? And you really do want that 4A refinery with it's ten slots, otherwise you'll be constantly having to dump processed ore left right and centre.
    5. 3A Collection and Prospector limpet controllers in your two level 3 slots.
    6. I've shifted your ADS to the last slot as it doesn't need anything larger than that.
    7. 2 x 2D mining lasers in your 2 medium hardpoint slots.
    8. 2 x large gimbled pulses and 1 x large gimbled multi cannon in your large slots. Set the pulses on primary fire and the multi on secondary. Use pulses to take down shields and then add the multi to the mix on the hull once shields are down.
    9. Added an 0A shield booster and a point defense to your utility slots.
    10. Changed your life support, sensors and power distributor to D rated modules as these are the lightest in mass and are not so essential that you really need anything better, unless you're going A all the way of course, and even then the D's often make more sense. In pretty much every ship build you do, these 3 modules should be D rated, unless you're doing lots of combat and then you may want a better distributor. With the Q4 update, sensor ratings may make more of a difference, but for now D's will do you. As for life support, unless you are way way out in the sticks, you should be able to find a base within 7 mins and 30 secs should the worst happen. When was the last time your canopy popped anyway?

    All new changes still fit within your deployed power requirements, so no need to have to switch stuff off and on etc. You'll note that I've removed your SRV bay and DSS, as you won't need these when mining anyway. Put them into storage for now and swap them back later.

    So yeah a quick mining refresh:
    - Arrive on site and launch SLF. Wait a minute or 2 and assess the area. Deal with any hostiles you find mooching around. If none about proceed down into the field.
    - Deploy your hardpoints if not out already. Try and avoid doing this by firing your primary weapon if you have the prospector controllers group selected, as you'll needlessly fire off a limpet as you deploy them. Switch to your mining lasers or other hardpoint groups instead.
    - Fire off prospector limpets at asteroids and look for a good haul. With that 3A controller you can only have 2 active at a time, so when you fire off a 3rd it'll cancel out the first one and expire it prematurely. Don't worry about that. As I've said you only really need one active at a time anyway, however the second is handy as a marker to show where you've been, as it's really easy to get flipped around and lose your bearings. I tend to try and keep the gas giant in view and keep flying inwards towards it as I prospect. Mine in a pristine metallic ring if you can. Mmmm lovely delicious painite!
    - When you've found one you want to mine, then deploy 2 collection limpets and deploy your cargo scoop.
    - Start lasering off chunks. On asteroids that spin, I've found it best to try and target the base of the roid as chunks tend to fly off downwards, this will keep them out of the way of the roid then. Also with a spinning one, if you get it right, you don't even need to move the lasers, you can just stay put and carve it up as it spins. The closer you can get, the quicker your collection limpets will be able to get stuff into your ship. Obviously keep a heads up, as some of the really slow spinning ones have caught me off guard a few times and I've looked up just in the nick of time to see a great big roid slowly bearing down on top of me. 
    - Try not to carve off any more than a 3rd of the roid at a time, as the chunks have a limited life span and it'll give your limpets time to collect them before the chunks expire. Then when they collecting the last 2 bits, start the lasering again.
    - Go for metals rather than minerals, as they're worth more, unless you have a mining mission for them.
    - One you've run out of limpets, head back to base and cash in.

    And that's it. Mining in a nutshell.

  • JD-UKJD-UK Posts: 2,548 Valuable Player
    edited July 2018
    Thanks for the info.

    First off - I already have the firegroups set up as you suggest. Yes, me being the old duffer that I am, I forgot the pips (I've been reading mining guides and it hit me straight away - d'oh!). I have a nasty habit of doing that at the start of fights, as well! Soon remember when the lasers fizzle out within seconds...

    Unfortunately I can't find a fighter hangar here. I've been looking everywhere I've docked and not seen a single one.

    Ah - just found out where I can get them - using this fabulous website:

    Essential for anyone coming out here and planning to stay a while - don't know why I didn't think of looking at it before - it's what I used to find all the mining gear. Old Duffer syndrome again :)

    It's the same story with the shield generator - haven't found one of any use above what I have as yet - but I'll see if I can find one using that site again.

    Nope - best available atm is a 6D - so I'll go and find that.

    I already have the 4A refinery - don't know why you mentioned that, but anyway...

    All of the choices I've made regarding defence etc are based on what's available (along with what I prefer to fight with and what's available...) - I did consider the point defence turret, can't remember why I decided against it. Most of the weapons in the stations here are pretty crap - was really chuffed when I found those class 3 lasers. I've been completely unable to find a decent power plant - even using that help site. Same with distributor - 7D is the best I could find, though it will do, I suppose, for now.

    Of course, I've been referring to info sites and posts on the Elite forums for what I already have. As usual many conflict each other, so in the end I always gave precedence to what's on the wiki - though I know they aren't always reliable.

    I have plenty of very good modules back in the Bubble, and I don't mind waiting the 61 hours it takes them to get here - but the A/B rated stuff costs a silly amount, so I won't be doing that. It's criminal that the lower class stuff costs peanuts to ship, but the A/B class stuff costs over 21 million.

    Also, I had my 1A military grade armour sent out, only to find I can't fit the bugger.

    Anyway - once again, thanks for the tips - I'm getting back to my ship now to go and find those modules :)

    edit: Can't get a 3C multi-cannon - I'll try and shuffle things, though.

  • JD-UKJD-UK Posts: 2,548 Valuable Player
    OK - all sorted :smiley:

    Not exactly the payload you recommended, Chaz, but based on some of it. Couldn't get hold of a couple of things on your list, anyway and as I then had the class 5 spare, I thought I might as well use it for the coollector controller (with 3 limpets) and I'm glad I did - everything went way better than I expected.

    I even felt confident enough to take on a mining mission - my first ever - and I'm just 5t away from completing it, after just 2 rocks worth of materials :)

    This is the way I'm set up now CORRY

    The only thing that miffs me is giving 9% to my AI fighter pilot. I had no idea there so many types of fighter, but chose an all-round capable one and a competent pilot, so as not to lose too much of my profits. Launched him just as the first sniffers arrived and they soon departed and I got down to business. Wasn't bothered again, though some feds passed by several times.

    Yup - I'm all set now, so really chuffed and a notional cold one in your direction, guys.

    Oh - while gathering the required modules, I also managed to see and land in my first asteroid based starport.

    ...and stopped by to check out this survey vessel - no idea if they are any use to us, though:

    Right - tomorrow I'll finish off collecting the 5t of Somarium, collect my 1.5 million (okay, 1.35 million after his nibbs has taken his share) and see what else I can find. Time to get myself a tin hat with a lamp! :p

  • ChazmeisterChazmeister Posts: 540
    edited July 2018
    Cool, I still haven't seen an asteroid station yet.

    I took my pilot in at harmless level and I'm steadily training him up. He's a novice right now and over 50% of the way to competent. He still does OK though.

    I still recommend D rating you distro, sensors and life support if you can, as it'll gain you an extra 4ly jump range over your current build.
  • JD-UKJD-UK Posts: 2,548 Valuable Player
    edited July 2018
    Hmm, well the reason I went with that particular power distributor was because players on the ED forum were saying the best available is needed (after a guy posted about having mining laser issues). That was the best I had come across - actually the only one I had come across above class 3, so it was what I used. I will keep an eye out, though.

    Oh - still haven't come across any point defence turrets - I do want one of those, at least, but so far, nada.

    *completed that job - it was actually 2.6million reward, so a nice surprise. There are two planets within the Colonia system that have pristine rings - one doesn't have any RES at all and the only other ships I've come across there are other miners and security and it has some very rich pickings!

  • ChazmeisterChazmeister Posts: 540
    I think some of these folks though, are running mining Anaconda's and the like and are almost completely fitted out with mining lasers top to bottom, and 6+ collection limpets etc. That's how some of them manage to make millions per hour mining, as they can just chew through roids at a rate of knots. Otherwise I can't really imagine why you'd need a high rated distro for a mining laser, as they're not particularly power intensive, certainly not compared to laser weapons.
  • JD-UKJD-UK Posts: 2,548 Valuable Player
    It's probably that although the people enquiring were flying the Krait and smaller ships, the ones answering were probably in Anacondas. ;)

    Anyway, for the moment I don't need those extra LY as the Colonia system offers very decent mining opportunities and plenty of mining missions, too. I've been really enjoying myself and doing very well with Palladium, Gold etc - all the decent stuff (though only a single ton of Painite). No sign of any undesirables, either.

    With the local availability in mind, I've ditched the two scanners, though, and added another 12t of cargo space. It's amazing how quickly those cargo holds fill up!  I've also been quite happy to synthesise my own limpets. I take 10 along from the port and then just synthesise more on site as required. I have 5 assigned - 2x prospector and 3x collector - so the ship makes me 5 limpets at a cost of 10 nickel and 10 iron - and I started yesterday with 500 each of those, so it's no problem. Next time I go scouring a planet for materials, i will be able to pick up more of those instead of being frustrated cos my limit is met.

    Of course, there is also plenty of iron and nickel to be found in the asteroids, too.

    When I start thinking of heading 'home' I will look at streamlining for more jump distance. Until then, I'm happy as Larry! B)

  • JD-UKJD-UK Posts: 2,548 Valuable Player
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    After these two days mining (not all the time of course - about 2 or 3 hours each day) I've made 5.1 million credits - so it's definitely worth doing - at least in pristine metallic rings.

    I get some mining missions but I always make sure I have a weeks' time to do them in - then I don't have to reject asteroids or materials that I don't need, but are otherwise lucrative, like gold, painite and palladium - and Jacques pays out a lot for those - almost double the market average for painite.

    At the same time, I'm using my wake scanner every time I come back to the station to offload what I've mined, so I have enough data for future engineering. I'm glad they put that in a utility slot, rather than a hardpoint or optional module.

  • JD-UKJD-UK Posts: 2,548 Valuable Player
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    Tried the AspX for mining - ugh! Not recommended!

    Tried the Imperial Clipper - awesome! Although averaging 1.5 million cr per hold full, it does get just a wee bit tedious at times.

    Anyway, I've sold all my mining kit now - time to do some passenger work :)

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