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64bg go to expensive outside the USA to warrant buying

denodandenodan Posts: 17

Items:NZD 373.94Shipping & handling:NZD 20.06Total before tax:NZD 394.00Estimated tax to be collected:NZD 0.00Import Fees Deposit:NZD 47.28Order total:NZD 441.28

This is why I did not get the 64gb version, exchange totally ridiculous price.

The 32gb cost me only $328. And was cheaper for me or Anyone in New Zealand.

Exchange rates dont make the 64gb a good buy at all, and anyone outside the USA, unless you got a good exchange rate to get the 64gb version you need to see a psychiatric doctor.



  • TopTexTopTex Posts: 19
    I was not sure whether to go 2 or 64 and ended up going with the 64 despite it coming up to near $400 Australian. I don't regret it as it seems you need a fair bit of storage to make the most of it. I can easily see myself filling up that 64Gb and needing to use my phone for additional storage.
  • Thul999Thul999 Posts: 7
    Yeah, in my case it was $295 USD (64GB version)
  • JustBob12JustBob12 Posts: 14
    edited May 2018
    For me it wasn't a price issue. I didn't get the 64 gb because:

  • edmgedmg Posts: 1,115
    Was a $60 difference here in Canada. And since I have less than 10GB free, I'm glad I paid that.
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