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A few things i want to get off my chest...

OndeTvOndeTv Posts: 6
I have now had my Rift+Touch for about a month or so. Here's a list of gripes i have or have had so far:

- Sound is often not on in the Rift HMD, regardless of which HMD device setting i have on (mirror vr audio, hear non-vr apps in vr). Sometimes it magically works, but most of the time either sound is in my pc speakers only or in my HMD only. In short the above settings appear to be near useless to me. I have resort to activating/deactivating audio devices in windows almost all the time for audio to channel where i want it.

- The "oculus home works best with windows 10" message. Yes, i got the message the first couple of times i saw it and clicked it away. Why do i have to keep seeing it every time Oculus starts?

- 9 of 10 times i start Oculus for the first time of the day, it will tell me my touch controllers are off. No amount of clicking/pressing/rotating on the controllers will wake them up. What i have found though, is restarting Oculus by settings -> Beta -> Restart Oculus will fix it every time. However (see next point)

- Settings -> Beta -> Restart Oculus _NEVER_ actually restarts it. It closes down Oculus, sure. But it never restarts regardless of amount of time waiting, and it cannot be started again.... That is, unless i go to services, stop the OVRService which is still running (i suppose this service ought to stop and start again), start it manually and then everything works again. Easy, sure. Tedious - VERY.

Being an old ex-dev (mostly frontend though, ex Interface Developer) i dabble a bit with Unity. But rarely have i seen such a mess of assets/utilities/SDK as the Oculus ones. Sure, there is a lot in there. However, it just pretty much never works "out-of-the-box". That goes for both the OVRPlayerController, The OVR Local/Remote Avatar, the CameraRig etc. And the documentation is spread to several places rather than in the source itself. On top of that more often than not the documentation that does exist is outdated either for the current version of the unity or the version of the <x> packages used.

Some of the sample scenes does work as expected (or at least i think they do, in several there is no documentation on how they ARE supposed to work). Others, well. Not so much.

Some of the prefabs (with all dependencies present) work wonderfully. And some don't. As a simple example, a very common scenario for a developer would be to want to have a player controller with hands enabled, and using the oculus home selected avatar skin. But no such prefab exists. Instead we have an OVRPlayerController that does indeed allows movement as expected, but no avatar and hands. Puting up a localAvatar in there, and you will instantly have displacement issues if you don't know that this asset should be a child of the tracking space in the OVRPlayerController. And even if you do, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Just this morning i made a clean project and import where i couldn't get it to work for the life of me, whereas i have other projects where it does work, but i have other major quirks like grab snap points adding weird transforms that seem to come from who knows where.

Don't get me wrong though. There is a lot of good stuff in the utilities/avatar/sdk/sample/whatnot packages. It is just very very very far from readily accessible. The amount of hours i have spent trawling the net for information that somewhat resembled the setup needed for the most current packages is immense.

Then theres the OVRProfiler. "Please keep drawcalls below 100" for Oculus Rift. That is a pretty tall order. Especially considering that the OVR prefabs (avatar) use 21 drawcalls (if i remember correctly) alone.

Lastly, there is the errors that you will be getting using these standard packages. Sometimes loads of them. Some will be because you are missing an assembly or similar. Fair enough, that is fast to resolve. Often times though there will be heaps of warnings about deferred <insert cause> being used in these packages, you should use <insert new stuff> instead. That's all fine and dandy if user in question had made his own playercontroller, avatar handling etc himself. But that isn't really the case using these packages which ought to be the latest in general best practice. In other words it quickly becomes a bit of a mess.

In short, it would be really (REALLY) nice with some updated packages where the documentation was included _directly_ into the packages, and this documentation being specific for that actual version of the package. It would also be nice to have the common use scenario in there so potential new content providers could actually focus on making content, rather than trying to set up and fix errors with the OVR standard packages.

Whew. There. I said it and got it off my chest. I do love my Rift, and i would love to make some - for starters - small games for it. But with the obstacles above i think i am far from alone in being close to giving up before properly starting. And that is a darn shame as i see it.




  • snowdogsnowdog Posts: 8,106 Valuable Player
    Are you experiencing audio issues with games from Oculus Home or from games from Steam..? If it's the latter that's down to Valve. I get this with Steam games all the time, Steam just doesn't play nice with the Rift a great deal of the time. I also frequently have issues with games crashing when quitting them too. Again, this is down to SteamVR being a bit pants with Rift headsets.

    If your audio issues are with games bought or downloaded from the Oculus Store then something must have gone pear-shaped with your installation somewhere, it certainly sounds like it given that your Oculus App isn't restarting properly. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the Oculus App and see if that makes any difference I reckon.

    Not sure about the Unity Engine development because I'm using the Unreal Engine for the game I'm working on and am not going anywhere near avatar integration with it. The templates for the Unreal Engine work fine, although there isn't animation for hand poses built-in to Unreal but there are people on the forums that have kindly made these things available for use by others.
    "This you have to understand. There's only one way to hurt a man who's lost everything. Give him back something broken."

    Thomas Covenant, Unbeliever
  • OndeTvOndeTv Posts: 6
    snowdog said:
    Are you experiencing audio issues with games from Oculus Home or from games from Steam..?[...]
    Both i'm afraid. It doesn't seem consistent when or how i get the issues though. Sometimes audio will be in the HMD only, sometimes speakers only, and sometimes both.
  • snowdogsnowdog Posts: 8,106 Valuable Player
    I have problems with SteamVR all the time with regards to sound but never with Oculus Home. It sounds like your Oculus Home installation is screwed somewhere tbh.

    Try uninstalling the Oculus App and reinstalling it, and if that doesn't help you might want to check your hard drive for errors, perhaps?
    "This you have to understand. There's only one way to hurt a man who's lost everything. Give him back something broken."

    Thomas Covenant, Unbeliever
  • TwoHedWlfTwoHedWlf Posts: 2,234 Valuable Player
    Your audio issues aren't due to it just not setting the rift as the default audio device?  Oh, Reread, yeah it is.  Yeah, it's flakey, try the Oculus Tray tool?  My issue tends to be the reverse of yours, sound almost always goes to the Rift, I have to switch it back to my headphones for anything else.
  • TadinTadin Posts: 339
    Its not always a software issue though, my Rift works fine when plugged in directly, but when I add an extension cable then i get issues like this, where a restart gets the sound working again.
  • kevinw729kevinw729 Posts: 5,907 Valuable Player
    I wonder how much of the level of technical issues and general abilities needed to get the CV1 to work to its optimum put off some purchasers. We saw a number of Sony PSVR's being returned because of "technical issues" ranging from poor tracking to lower expected visual quality, and general set-up issues. With the SC I expect a new phase of interest, especially with the $1k, Win10, PC removed from the equation.
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