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Galaxy S8 Gear VR: Blurry Image? Low Persistence Display Not Working?

rcopperwaite-b4thrcopperwaite-b4th Posts: 13
edited May 2018 in Samsung Gear VR
We've noticed in recent weeks that the experience of using the Gear VR on the Samsung Galaxy S8 has become markedly less clear than in the past - some users refer to it as 'blurriness', some refer to it as 'ghosting' - but it seems to me that the screen is not showing the benefits of the low-persistence display. Comparing the S8 to the Oculus Go shows a clear difference in ghosting, even though Samsung's screen is supposedly higher-spec. Has anybody else experienced similar issues? Could it be that the low-persistence feature has been broken in a recent update? Or could it be an issue with asynchronous reprojection?
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