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I Found A FIX For (A Certain) Black Screen Issue

oGhostioGhosti Posts: 14
edited May 2018 in Support
So I was plagued with a Black Screen issue that I thought was the same as everyone else', but I was wrong. I fixed it once in the past by accident and didn't know what I did; because I did so many things to try and fix it. But I had it start happening again after Refreshing my PC (Similar to Factory Reset, but you keep your personal files.) and had to fix it again.

So, if you're having Oculus Black Screen on you and still have a white light inside the headset, the game is still running, and the display comes back after a few moments then I can help you. Otherwise, you may have a different issue unfortunately.

If you're having the issue above, you need to disable power management for everything; Oculus Headset, Sensors, etc.
You can do this in the Oculus Application, or download the Oculus Tray Tool. (OTT. Recommended)

This is Optional, but I recommend it; Right click the Oculus application and click Properties>Compatibility>"Run this program as Admin". This will make Oculus NOT start up when you try to play SteamVR games, and not be so taxing on your PC.

After you do this, everything should be fine.

Hope this helped.

Why was my Post deleted?


  • MAC_MAN86MAC_MAN86 Posts: 2,262
    My issues is the same as most. It is not USB nor other but the cable itself being kinked at the clip.

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