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Oculus GO Bluetooth Keyboard Support

tucker.richardson.3tucker.richardson.3 Posts: 3
I know there is already a thread for suggestions, but it would be great if the GO supported Bluetooth keyboards. It's basically impossible to do anything meaningful on the internet browser without a keyboard. 

Long story short I'd like to ditch my monitors and use the GO as soon as possible. 


  • chettawanchettawan Posts: 77
    Hiro Protagonist
    So you plan to leave our world behind? lol. Actually I'd like to have keyboard support too. I'm IT if I can ssh or remote from Oculus to my servers that will be great. I don't think it's hardware not capable of these things because nowadays I can do almost all of my work with my smart phone with the same chipset. Just the software to support.
  • artadamsartadams Posts: 6

    I am in the alpha testing phase of Immersed VR it's a remote desktop app (Mac only) at this time.  It works great, you can create multiple virtual monitors and use the computer's native keyboard and mouse.  Not sure this post will help, but it might be something for you to look into.

  • Nekto2Nekto2 Posts: 222
    You could connect usb keyboard with OTG cable :)
    But the only buttons to work are volume and home :(
    Could any one test if it is possible to get keyboard events from own app?
  • DavidJamesPsychicDavidJamesPsychic Posts: 1
    I would really like a simple 'how to' in terms of pairing a keyboard so I can work on the go via something like virtual desktop etc. any pointers would be great. 
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