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Win 10 April Update

dubtronicsdubtronics Posts: 4
Hey anyone have issues with their oculus  since the windows 10 update for April? I had everything working pretty well and then just over night I am having super lag. Starts well then its terrible and then it may or maynot come back. I also get a strange clipped view where its rendering only a square view in the direction I am looking. The biggest change to the system was that windows update.

I have tried
re installling video driver
installing the recommended video driver.
re installed the oculus software and moved the programs to the fastest internal drive
running the setup process again.


  • dubtronicsdubtronics Posts: 4
    Reverting back to the previous version of windows helped. Everything works fine.
  • MAC_MAN86MAC_MAN86 Posts: 2,262
    edited May 2018
    The new WIn10 Update seems to be more RAM hungry than ever. More than Win7 and the last Win10. They were supposed to be making it more power efficient especially for Laptops but in doing so and adding more crap they severely impacted performance for VR which is the bloody future tech we are heading!

    Also Home is too hungry now with far too much useless stuff that eats up RAM. I only use Home Classic and still find when I used to run PD=2 I can now only get it to run at PD=1.5 and I did disable Windows crap Gaming as I never take vids of what I do and Cortana although I know how to rid altogether via a registry hack & extra procedures only adds about another 65MB. Why all this bloody RAM hunger to rob what we really need?

    More Facebook hidden Spyware or what is it? Are we bloody mining for Bitcoin behind our backs???
    No I got no Mint/Spectre Virus as its a vanilla install.

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