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Oculus Go boot loop with flashing logo

Arcus83Arcus83 Posts: 1
edited May 2018 in Oculus Go

i‘ve used the go normally today, when the battery went low i started charging it. Now it seems like it is stuck in a boot loop or something like that. The led is flashing orange when it is plugged in and the oculus logo is flashing in the display. I don‘t know what i can do. Even tried to do a factory reset but that does not work either. Any suggestions?


  • MradrMradr Posts: 3,971 Valuable Player
  • jimbrooks10jimbrooks10 Posts: 2
    I have this same problem and created a request for support already.  Have you had any resolution to this?  
  • paul.vickers.12382paul.vickers.12382 Posts: 1
    Had same. Helf power button to force off, Waited 10 min with charger till battery above 10% then it booted. May not have enought power to boot.
  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    Thanks for sharing.
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  • jimbrooks10jimbrooks10 Posts: 2
    Mine wasn't a power issue.  Unit returned for replacement.
  • Biker69Biker69 Posts: 1
    my findings with this Boot-loop

    1) holding down (-) and POWER for a while -> the Logo comes and goes couple times -> then no Logo anymore and no LEDs even when under charge (before that the LED was orange)

    2) hold POWER for long time has turned on the LED to orange, but the Device didnt boot up

    3) remove the charging and replug -> Battery status showed up

    4) POWER -> did power on the Device (*phew *lucky* me)
  • LevenadeLevenade Posts: 2
    Fixed mine by using a high amperage charger. Check yours, gentlemen.
  • cyclone018cyclone018 Posts: 1
    edited July 22
    Im Not Sure About The Go, But Ive had the same problem with the Quest w/ Android 7. It was stuck in a boot loop as well. and it was @ 88% But i connected the charger (The Long One That Came With The Quest.) And Had No Problem Booting Whatsoever. Id beleve this would work for the go as well. Just connect a charger (suggest something with "Fast Charging" if you dont have the original Block) then if that doesnt work, then factory reset it and backup your quest files using "SideQuest" If that does not work eather, then just make a support ticket with Facebook and get an replacement. 
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