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Technlolust Wreckshop Crash

HanoverHanover Posts: 543
I decided to dust off Technolust since I never finished it after it's last big update.  After coming back from Mars and revisiting your reanimated girlfriend in the Hive, I'm trying to get back to the Wreck Shop to deliver all the data I acquired from the androids, but the game crashes with a message stating the game crahsed.  This made me realize this is exactly why I never finished it the last time.  I'd really like to see the other ending...any way to fix this?


  • ZenbaneZenbane Posts: 12,404 Power Poster
    First off, omfg welcome back, Hanover! Where ya been?!

    I've completed this game multiple times successfully; and don't recall suffering any game crashes. Have you tried a full uninstall/re-install?

    Also, what action are you taking exactly right before the game crash?
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