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the oculus app stopped working for no reason that im aware of

NurokaiNurokai Posts: 2
so my oculus app was crashing and i restarted my computer to attempt to get it working. When i tried to re-open it, it said something like "we cant reach run time" or something like that so i ran oculus setup to fix it, after hours of downloading  when it was installing it says "sorry oculus ran into an error, please restart your computer and try again". I did so and then oculus setup wouldnt even work so i downloaded it from the Oculus website to try that. after another 5 hours of waiting for it ti setup again, it said "sorry oculus ran into an error" again. ive been trying different ways all weekend. please help


  • NurokaiNurokai Posts: 2
    never mind i have it working now
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