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Do anybody knows if you can Connect the oculus go controller to your pc/mac via bluethooth?

rnl93rnl93 Posts: 2
Hi, this is my first time typing a question in this forum, so I don't know very well how it works, but I'm trying to fine a way connect my oculus go controller to my computer to make some debugging in my little tests with the oculus go in unity. Does anybody have any idea if what I want to do is even possible? I know that the oculus go itself cannot be connected to the computer, but maybe the controller can be connected? I just want to test my "OVRInput.Button" and other stuff without having to pass the game to the oculus go every time :/

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  • kojackkojack Posts: 6,581 Volunteer Moderator
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    Using BLE Scanner on my mobile, I can connect to the Go remote. It's named "OMVR-V190" and is a Bluetooth LE device. But any attempt to read from it's services breaks the connection. I can't pair with it because it immediately says the pin was wrong (but doesn't give me a chance to enter one).

    My desktop can see it too, but pairing fails (with just a try again message).

    So it's visible (which is better than Touch and the remote, they are slightly non standard so they don't appear to BLE scans), but so far I can't get any data from it.


  • QUAKEQUAKE Posts: 27
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    Are they mac assigned to the unit they ship with? How do you pair a replacement controller?
  • kojackkojack Posts: 6,581 Volunteer Moderator
    QUAKE said:
    Are they mac assigned to the unit they ship with? How do you pair a replacement controller?
    You can pair and unpair the controller to the headset using the oculus mobile app.
    You select pair then hold the controller's back and oculus buttons down for about 10 seconds.

  • fabs_epsilonfabs_epsilon Posts: 5
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    I also tried to pair the OMVR-V190 with windows 8 but got an error. I wish I could use this controller directly with windows and program it using the Microsoft Bluetooth library ( If anyone has advice on how to use this controller or something similar please post it here.
  • denshibayodenshibayo Posts: 2
    Excuseme, somebody reach any solution about this?
  • OculusGo3000OculusGo3000 Posts: 1
    edited August 2019
    @denshibayo you must to decouple the controller from the VR headset via the Oculus mobile app. Then you take the battery out of the controller and put it back in again. The LED starts to light on the controller, now you can connect the controller via the Bluetooth- function in Windows 10 by pressing the two buttons (back button / Oculus symbol) and also pair with Win10. Because using this controller under Win10 is another story ... ;-)

  • yamil.marquesdemelloyamil.marquesdemello Posts: 5
    Someone could connect to the oculus go controller from a different source? I tried from android, but I couldn't make the pairing even programmatically through an android apk.
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