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Is the game broken?

diskountdiskount Posts: 3
I have spent over a half hour the last few days waiting for matchups without success.  Expected wait times around a minute, as they usually are.  Never had this problem before.  Something wrong with the game, or is my account broken? 


  • diskountdiskount Posts: 3
    Well, here's an update, in case anyone is paying attention to this.  Now, after I queue up, I get the graphic to turn yellow, as if I am matched.  Then nothing happens.  I am forced to quit the game and reload to try again.  This has happened to me a few times in the past, and when I come back in it works fine.  Now, however, it just keeps happening.  I've tried about five times now.  I'm starting to think the game might be dying.  Tell me it isn't so. 
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