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Gear VR SMR-324/S8+ controler problems

KeoshzKeoshz Posts: 1
Hi I just bought galaxy s8+ and gear vr 324 with controler. I have a problem with controler pointer dissapearing when opening oculus application with gear/phone on. It's visible for a few seconds and its dissapear. Home/previous/volume+- buttons still works, but I cannot see pointer and touchpad dont work. Application seems to think controler is connected because "head pointer" is disables but when I enter settings, under controler it shows "disconnected". When I take googles off and go back to android I can see controler is still paried in bluetooth setting and oculus controler settings. Phone is new with fresh android.

Has anyone saw similiar problem please ? Or is it just damaged controler I bought.

Thanks in advance
Bartosz Nosek 
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